Reviewing Day!

Today, let us have a reviewing Mandarin lesson on what we have learned before.

I am going speak some sentences In English and give you some time to translate them into Mandarin Chinese. Afterwards, I will give you the answers.

Ready?  Let’s get started,

  1. What do you want to buy?

Nǐ xiǎng mǎi shén me?


  1. What else do you want to buy?        Nǐ  hǎi xiǎng mǎi shén me?


  1. Have any beer?                              Yǒu měi yǒu pǐ jiǔ?


  1. Do you want some more beer?         Nǐ hái yào bí jiǔ ma?


  1. Have any discounts?                        Yǒu méi yǒu dǎ zhé?

Ok. Did you speak all sentences correctly? If did not, don’t worry about. Just go back and keeping practicing. I am sure you will get there!

Do remember to copy the sound as closely as you possibly could!

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