4 Common Mistakes to Avoid in Learning Mandarin - Part 2

Common Chinese learning mistake 3: Thinking Rigidly
Learning languages is different from learning mathematics, which has formula to follow. Languages involve a lot of uncertainty. For example, in Chinese, the measure word “匹(pǐ)" is for “horse”, 一匹马(yī pǐ mǎ) = a horse, but it is also used for “fabric”. You may be confused. Why? What’s the common point of horse and fabric? In fact, there is nothing in common. This is just an acceptable usage.

What you should do: Good language sense skills and flexible thinking are very important when it comes to studying a new language. Reading a short Chinese passage aloud every day, watching Chinese movies or TV series and listening to Chinese radio programs online help building up your language sense. Bear in mind that there are exceptions in language learning. Always think flexibility and remain open to uncertainty.

Common Chinese learning mistake 4: Studying in a single way
This is common for people who just start learning. They spend most of the time focusing on the textbook, and practicing with teacher in the classroom only. Being lectured is the least efficient way in learning a language.In New Concept Mandarin, we believe in experiential learning and utilize multi-media tools in order to stimulate all the senses. Combined with the fun Chinese Video Lessons, Online Chinese Courses and Apps, your learning outcome will be maximized.

What you should do: Firstly master the key contents of the textbook. Then use the other learning tools - videos, online courses, apps before and after class to preview and review what you have learnt in class. Besides, make some Chinese friends to practice what you have learnt, find a few podcasts to listen to when you are walking, listen to Chinese music, watch Chinese movies, etc. All these will help you learn Chinese fast.

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