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Free Chinese Lessons Online

At New Concept Mandarin, we are guided by our mission to help those seeking to learn Chinese to develop their passion and have them sounding like a native speaker. This is why we have created a number of free online Chinese lessons that are available on our site for everybody, with Mandarin language videos at varying levels for both beginners and more proficient learners alike.

We offer some free learning materials and free online video Chinese lessons. You can watch the first 3 Mandarin video lessons for free at each level. You can view the first 2 minutes of video lessons to have an idea what the topic will cover. If you are serious about learning Chinese online we suggest you become a member to enjoy full access to all video lessons and enjoy complimentary online group tutorials. You may also contact us for a free trial Mandarin class online or to discuss attending our Mandarin classes in Hong Kong.

The Range Of Online Chinese Lessons We Offer At New Concept Mandarin

Welcome to New Concept Mandarin, the number one destination for people around the world who are looking for Chinese courses. Using an innovative model that we have developed in-house ourselves called ‘Flipped Learning’, a more effective approach than learning in a dull classroom setting. Our online Chinese lessons means that you can continue learning Chinese 24/7, and no matter where you’re located you will always have access to a large volume of Chinese resources. With in-person classes offered too, we provide the luxury of both group and private lessons — whichever suits your needs better.
If you’d like more information about our online Chinese lessons or if you’re unsure what level you should enrol in, the team at New Concept Mandarin are here to help. Whether you are learning for personal use or to improve your business Mandarin, we have an option for you. Speak to a member of our friendly team today by filling out our enquiry form and get in touch!

Free Mandarin Lessons

Chinese Video Lessons Level 1

Chinese lesson-Counting from 0 to 9

Lesson 1

Chinese lesson-What is your phone number

Lesson 2

Chinese lesson-When is your birthday

Lesson 3

Chinese lesson-How much is this

Lesson 4

Chinese lesson-What would you like to drink

Lesson 5

Chinese lesson-Let’s bargain

Lesson 6

Chinese lesson-Greet in a Chinese way

Lesson 7

Chinese lesson-Frequently used polite phrases

Lesson 8

Chinese Video Lessons Level 2

Chinese lesson - how is the weather today

Lesson 31

Chinese lesson - it will rain tomorrow

Lesson 32

Chinese lesson - today is colder than yesterday

Lesson 33

Chinese lesson - what is your hobby

Lesson 34

Chinese lesson - I prefer wathing a movie

Lesson 35

Lesson 36

Chinese lesson - go on a business trip

Lesson 37

Chinese lesson - have you been to Shanghai

Lesson 38

Chinese Video Lessons Level 3

Chinese lesson-Chinese food and Western food

Lesson 61

Chinese lesson-Buy fruits and vegetables

Lesson 62

Chinese lesson-Eat in or take away

Lesson 63

Chinese lesson-Are you free tomorrow evening

Lesson 64

Chinese lesson-I will definitely come

Lesson 65

Chinese lesson-Mr Wang invites Miss Zhang to dinner

Lesson 66

Chinese lesson-Ordering food

Lesson 67

Chinese lesson-Don't be too spicy

Lesson 68

Business Chinese Video Lessons

Business Mandarin lesson-Giving Assignments 1

Lesson 1

Business Mandarin lesson-Giving Assignments 1

Lesson 2

Business Mandarin lesson-Giving Assignments 3

Lesson 3

Business Mandarin lesson-Business Travel 1

Lesson 4

Business Mandarin lesson-Business Travel 2

Lesson 5

Business Mandarin lesson-Business Travel 3

Lesson 6

Business Mandarin lesson-Introducing Yourself 1

Lesson 7

Business Mandarin lesson-Introducing Yourself 2

Lesson 8

Mandarin Flash Movie Course

Beginner Chinese lesson - Counting from 1 to 10

Lesson 1

Beginner Chinese lesson - What day is today

Lesson 2

Beginner Chinese lesson - Saying months in Chinese

Lesson 3

Beginner Chinese lesson - How much is this

Lesson 4

Beginner Chinese lesson - What is your phone number

Lesson 5

Beginner Chinese lesson - When is your birthday

Lesson 6

Beginner Chinese lesson - Greetings and being polite

Lesson 7

Beginner Chinese lesson - Are you Mr Wang

Lesson 8

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