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After-school Chinese Classes for Kids and Teenagers

Are you looking for the best place to learn Chinese for children? Our courses are the ideal choice for you and your kids to improve their Chinese language skills. The Kids Chinese Programs aims to cultivate children’s interest in learning Chinese, helping them review what they have learned, so they can speak Chinese more fluently and with confidence.

We offer after-school tutoring programs to help students improve their Chinese language skills. This includes speaking, listening, reading and writing. Our after-school Chinese courses are student-focused, catering to individual learner’s abilities and needs. With trained Chinese tutors at the ready, each student will get the time and attention they need to accomplish their learning goals.

No time to take your children to a Chinese school? You don’t need to spend more time on travelling and waiting – our teachers can come to your home to conduct the lesson! Or, simply turn on your computer to meet our professional Chinese teachers online.

Perhaps your kids are studying in an international school and need some help with their Chinese classes. Or maybe you just want your children to learn the basics and improve their Chinese language skills. Either way, we have the best solution for your kid’s Chinese lessons! You can use Easy Steps to Chinese or Chinese Made Easy for Kids as the materials. We also can easily customize your kid’s Chinese classes according to your requirements.

If you have any questions, feel free to get in contact.

After-School Courses for Children and Teens to Learn Chinese:

  • ● IB Chinese Course
  • ● IGCSE Chinese Course
  • ● Easy Steps to Chinese Course
  • ● Chinese Made Easy Course
  • ● Chinese Made Easy for Kids Course
  • ● YCT Writing Test Preparation Course
  • ● YCT Speaking Test Preparation Course
  • ● Customized Course for Children to learn Chinese after School

Here are a few reasons to try our programs:

  • ● Professional level assessment and detailed study plan before the first class
  • ● Closely following school curriculum and using customized learning materials
  • ● Fun activities to help students work on specific areas of study
  • ● Detailed and skillful guidance in the school assessment
  • ● Enhance essential literary knowledge and Chinese communication skills
  • ● Regular assessment and communication with parents to ensure close monitoring of kid's Chinese progress
  • ● Your home, our school or online – you pick the place

Why Moms and Kids Love Our After-School Chinese Classes for Kids

After School Chinese Tutor for Teens

My daughter, Kallie has been taking Chinese lessons online after school with New Concept Mandarin for nine months. Before we signed her up, we were nervous that she wouldn’t like the lessons and want to quit because it’s very difficult to teach and to learn when taking online Chinese classes – especially for kids!

We have been happily surprised! Kallie looks forward to her lessons each week after school! And she has learned so much Chinese. The lessons are fun and informative! The teacher is always prepared with a fun and instructive lesson! She relates very well with children and that’s why Kallie looks forward to her Chinese lessons each week! I would highly recommend New Concept Mandarin’s After-School Chinese Tutoring Course for any child!

--- Julie Kuch from USA

Learn Chinese through Songs for Kids


yī èr sān sì wǔ liù qī
One two three four five six seven
wǒ de pénɡ you zài nǎ lǐ
Where are my friends
zài zhè lǐ, zài zhè lǐ
Here, here
wǒ de pénɡ you zài zhè lǐ
My friends are here

Useful Words of Numbers:

yī 一 one

sān 三 three

wǔ 五 five

qī 七 seven

jiǔ 九 nine

èr 二 two

sì 四 four

liù 六 six

bā 八 eight