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Business Mandarin Chinese Lessons in Hong Kong and Around the World

The business Mandarin lessons offered by our experienced team in Hong Kong is designed for professionals who desire to learn business Chinese for communicative purposes like understanding what is being discussed in meetings, negotiating in Chinese, and conducting business in Chinese. Many enterprises and organizations have worked with us to provide effective business Chinese training for their employees.

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All of our business Mandarin lessons can be personalized and customized to meet your specific learning needs and objectives. We can assist every student regardless of their Chinese proficiencies, ranging from beginner to advanced levels.


Why Choose New Concept Mandarin for Learning Business Chinese?

At New Concept Mandarin, we are proud to have:

  • 500+ video lessons on our platform
  • 1M+ views from around the world
  • 30K+ students successfully tutored
  • 100+ experienced teachers

We care about the way all our students learn and how much they get out of the process, implementing a learn-at-your-own pace style that demonstrates how we want you to feel at ease during your studies.

Our student-focused Flipped Learning Approach at New Concept Mandarin enables all our students to achieve 3 times better learning results than in traditional classrooms - making our self-published coursebooks, interactive videos, and educational tools the best means to effectively learn business Chinese.

We also offer in-person and online Chinese courses with personalized tutorial materials for all levels, offering ultimate flexibility and customization for students in Hong Kong and across the world.

Benefits of Taking Business Mandarin Chinese Lessons with us

At New Concept Mandarin, any tutor you learn with is dedicated to designing comprehensive business Mandarin lessons in Hong Kong to help you achieve your ultimate personalized goals. Here is what our passionate team provides when you learn Chinese:

  • You can request a Mandarin teacher who knows your industry and business well.
  • You have our business-oriented Mandarin course books that can be further customized to meet your learning objectives.
  • You can prepare, practice, and review by using our proprietary Business Chinese Video Lessons to enhance your Mandarin study before and after class.
  • We offer flexibility in scheduling/class location so you can take your class with us at a time and place that is convenient for you.
  • We offer one-on-one business Chinese courses as well as business Mandarin classes for small groups (usually around 4 students in each class).

Get in Touch to Arrange a Mandarin Tutor for Your Business Needs Today

No matter the level of skill required, we’ll be able to arrange a suitable Business Chinese course with a Mandarin tutor who has a thorough understanding of your industry. Both in-person and online options are available. Speak to a member of our friendly HK team today by filling out our enquiry form and getting in touch.


What our business Chinese students say about us?

Mélanie JANSON

I found this school randomly on google and this was a very good match. I took the dedicated class which are very helpful to quickly level up and then join one of their group class to practice. The teacher assigned to me was great and really adapted her teaching to my level and needs.

Christina Bartosch

Great language school! I have been taking group classes for 5 months (total beginner) and have made great progress in Mandarin, enough so to feel comfortable speaking basic sentences when out and about. The groups are small (2-3 persons) and have a comfortable vibe, fun and motivational, which to me is very good learning ambiance. Elisa, my teacher is doing a great job at explaining and particularly revising vocabulary and having us speak and repeat a lot, which is very helpful for progress. The preparatory videos are also very well done, kept fairly simple and understandable and are not too long. As I am very happy with how far I have come, I have just started the second level of the basic course and am very much looking forward to continuing learning. I can highly recommend this school!

Cole Simpson

I can't recommend NCM enough! I started about 1.5 years ago with the Survival courses and I am really surprised by my progress. The books and online modules are very well-done and I enjoy the flipped learning structure as well. I think it makes class time more productive and allows time to focus on practice and asking questions. But the majority of the credit has to go to my wonderful teacher, Cherry! She is a total pro and has been so fun to work with. She is very patient with me but also challenges me during class, and I appreciate all the time and energy she puts into our sessions. Lastly, I have to say that the staff is fantastic as well! Especially Claire, who's always quick and helpful in responding to my questions. Thanks to the entire NCM team!

Business Chinese Lesson Content

We offer a comprehensive business Mandarin course in a range of fields. You can also choose topics from Mandarin for General Business.

If you cannot find what you are looking for, or you’re searching for a specific subject or topic, do not hesitate to contact us. If you are too busy to attend regular classes, we provide another more flexible option for you - online Mandarin courses for business.

Check out our standard business Chinese courses and contents below:


Sales business people learning business ChineseBusiness people learning business Chinese