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Intensive Chinese Course

Intensive Chinese course is designed for people who are too busy to attend a regularly scheduled course but recognize the need to learn Survival or Social Mandarin language skills - quickly and efficiently.

Intensive Chinese program is the equivalent of a 'crash course' and requires a personal or corporate commitment to a schedule of at least four hours a day, for 10 days over two weeks, or two hours per day for 20 days over four weeks.

Training under these conditions can either be conducted as private one-to-one classes or as exclusive small group classes, with a maximum of six people in one class.

Typically, the need for intensive Chinese course arises quite unexpectedly, either when a business is about to embark on a special trade or business delegation to China and the company or organization wants its key people to acquire a solid knowledge of Chinese language skills and business culture; or vice versa - when a Chinese delegation is scheduled to visit a foreign country - and the visit may result in significant sales, income or social importance to the hosts.

In these situations, New Concept Mandarin can very easily arrange a senior language instructor to visit your company or organization and provide the required intensive Chinese course in-house. Chinese intensive course clients automatically get access to all of our course books, customized handout materials, Video lectures and online courses, as part of our integrated teaching approach.

We help you to experience the language - within the context of real-life day-to-day scenarios.