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Learn Cantonese with Lessons for All Levels in Hong Kong and Worldwide

Learning Cantonese in Hong Kong can be fun! Our Cantonese course is designed to develop practical communication skills in Cantonese while working and living in Hong Kong. We have tailored course materials for English speakers and Mandarin speakers. Your teacher is not just a native Cantonese speaker, they are trained to make sure that you get what you pay for. Your money and time will not be wasted by working with professionals.

You should be able to talk to local Hong Kong people even after your first Cantonese class with us.

For those seeking to learn Cantonese, we offer two types of Cantonese courses: Private and Group Classes for you to learn Cantonese. Whether you’re located in Hong Kong, Mainland China, Singapore or further abroad in places like Australia and the USA, New Concept Mandarin are your number one choice.

We offer two types of Cantonese classes: Private and Group Classes for you to learn Cantonese.

Private Cantonese Course

If you need a flexible schedule you may choose our private course and you will enjoy:

  • ● Total flexibility in scheduling your classes
  • ● Learning at your own pace
  • ● Customized course materials
  • ● Personalized learning contents

For private tuition, you can decide the contents you want to learn. At the same time, we will guide you to accomplish a good learning outcome. It is more than just assigning you a private tutor. We provide a customized and structured course to help you achieve your learning objectives.

Group Learning Cantonese Course

Our small group courses start on an on-going basis. Group classes can be held at our training center or your office or home. You will enjoy:

  • ● Small group size (4 people per class)
  • ● Flexible location
  • ● Group dynamics
  • ● Interactive games and activities

We use a learner-oriented approach to teach our Cantonese courses. While the course contents can be customized to meet each individual’s needs, the Cantonese courses are well structured and generally include the following topics:

  • ● Money, Numbers and Dates
  • ● Greetings
  • ● Personal Introduction
  • ● Hobbies
  • ● Suggestions and Comments
  • ● Discounts
  • ● Shopping
  • ● Drinks
  • ● Food
  • ● Traveling
  • ● Work
  • ● Business
  • ● Personal Feelings
  • ● Daily Activities
  • ● Getting Around
  • ● Asking for Directions
  • ● Giving Orders
  • ● Talking about Families

We are happy to offer a 15-minute free trial class. Book a Free Trial Lesson now. Click on the link below to experience the fun of learning a Cantonese course through lessons provided by us.


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