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Group Chinese Classes

Each New Concept Mandarin group Chinese class is designed and prepared to meet the needs of individuals who want to learn Chinese. New small group Chinese classes on an on-going basis and participants can choose between morning, afternoon, and evening classes as well as weekends. Our small group classes are a popular choice amongst those who enjoy the group dynamics of learning with others in a cost-effective manner.

Small group classes offer the following features.

Small Class Size - between 2 and 4 people per class

Flexible Locations - classes can be held at our training center or your place.

Tailored - your current skill level will be assessed, which will allow us to advise you on the best course for your learning needs. We provide 9 levels of Mandarin courses.

Fun & Social - during lessons, you'll interact with other students and practice Chinse as a social activity outside classes.

Learning Materials - gain access to all our course books, video lectures and online courses.

Complimentary Video Lessons - Watch the sample video here

Complimentary mobile apps - Course contents can be practiced and reviewed for free.

Group Mandarin Classes in Hong Kong

Upcoming Mandarin Class Schedule in our office

Beginner Mandarin - level 1 Mar 4, 2023 Mondays from 7-9 pm
Beginner Mandarin - level 2 Mar 5, 2023 Tuesday & Friday 10:00-12:00 noon
Intermediate Mandarin - level 1 Mar 11, 2023 Monday & Thursday 12:00-1:30 pm
Intermediate Mandarin - level 2 Mar 7, 2023 Monday & Thursday 12:00-1:30 pm
Advanced Mandarin - level 1 Mar 6, 2023 Wednesday from 7-9 pm
Advanced Mandarin - level 2 Mar 13, 2023 Wednesday from 7-9 pm
HSK 3 Test Preparation Mar 12, 2023 Tuesday & Thursday from 8:30-9:30 am
HSK 4 Test Preparation Mar 14, 2023 Tuesday & Thursday from 8:30-9:30 am
More group class schedule is available upon request.

Tuition Fee: HKD280/hour/person

We do offer discounts for various reasons. Please contact us to check if you are qualified for a discount.

Course Length: 32 hours (2-4 months)

Location: our Training Center in Central

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