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Private Chinese Class

Our private Chinese class is designed to meet the needs of those who cannot commit to a regularly scheduled course due to frequent travels and meetings, and those with special learning requirements. For one-on-one Chinese training we first ask what you want to learn then guide you to achieve it. It is more than just sending you a private tutor, as we provide a structured yet customized course to help you achieve your learning objectives. By taking our one-on-one Chinese class you will enjoy the following advantages:

Flexibility – you decide where and when you would like to have your Mandarin class with our private tutor.

Customized Course Material – your Mandarin course will be customized to meet your personal and professional needs, making sure your own language learning objectives are met.

Learn at Your Own Pace – if you are a fast learner, you may complete your Mandarin course in a shorter period. If you need extra help or need to take a break for travel or personal reasons, frequency and content per class can be altered.

Personalized Learning – whether you are an audio learner or visual learner, our Mandarin tutors in HK will adjust his/her teaching to meet your personal learning style.

Mandarin Learning Materials – gain access to all our Mandarin course books, video lectures and online courses. Access to our online Mandarin learning materials will continue for 3 months after the course completion.

Tuition Fee: HKD550/hour/person

We do offer discounts for various reasons. Please contact us to check if you are qualified for a discount.

Course Length: 32 hours (4 months)

Location: our Training Center in Central or at your place (transportation fees may apply for classes at your place.)

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