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Beginner Chinese Class

Beginner Chinese Level 1

This is an introduction to Mandarin. Learners will be able to perform in a very limited capacity within the most immediate, predictable areas of need, using essentially conversational Chinese.

Topics include:

  • Talk about money, numbers and dates
  • Receive visitors
  • Introduce yourself in social or business settings
  • Express basic opinions, likes and dislikes
  • Ask and tell time

Beginner Chinese Level 2

Upon completion of this course, learners are able to satisfy immediate, predictable needs and basic everyday transactional needs, using predominantly simple sentences in Chinese.

Topics include:

  • Talk about weather and hobbies
  • Make and answer telephone calls
  • Communicate in travel related situations
  • Book tickets and hotel rooms
  • Give and understand directions
  • Write simple, short notes in Chinese

Beginner Chinese Level 3

Upon completion of this course, learners are able to satisfy everyday transactional needs and limited social needs, using conversational Chinese plus basic Chinese characters.

Topics include:

  • Order food and drinks and entertain friends
  • Talk about daily activities, opinions and feelings
  • Go shopping and bargain
  • Ask & answer questions in a wide range of situations