Easy Chinese Characters – 他(tā)

Easy Chinese Characters - 他(tā) Hi there!   The left part of 他 (亻) represents “people or person”. The right part is 也ALSO. So the Character 他 (tā) HE is also (也) a person (亻).  来(lái) means “come”, so “他不来” is “he is not coming”.

July 22, 2020August 12, 2020by

Easy Chinese Characters – 再(zài)

Easy Chinese Characters - 再(zài) Hi there!   Grouping is a strategy to learn new things. You can put things similar into the same group. 再(zài) looks like the character rain 雨 multiplied by two 二, so we have the meaning of AGAIN 再.  见(jiàn) is “to see” so 再见 is “see you again”.

July 22, 2020August 9, 2020by

Easy Chinese Characters – 人(rén)

Easy Chinese Characters - 人(rén) Hi there! 人(rén) is a picture of man. It looks like a PERSON standing up with two legs. 中国(zhōng guó) means “China” so 中国人 is “Chinese people”.   If you are interested in learning Chinese on your own, check out our fun and easy-to-follow Chinese video lessons.

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Easy Chinese Characters – 酒(jiǔ)

Easy Chinese Characters - 酒(jiǔ) Hi there!   酒(jiǔ) is pronounced as same as nine.  Water radical (氵) with a wine jar (酉) makes ALCOHOL 酒.  喝(hē) means “drink” , so 喝酒is “drink alcohol”.

June 29, 2020July 31, 2020by

Easy Chinese Characters 牛(niú)

Easy Chinese Characters 牛(niú) Hi there! 牛(niú) Ox/cow is one of the easiest Chinese characters to remember. It just looks like the ox horn. 肉(ròu) means “meat”, so 牛肉 is “beef”.   If you want to learn Chinese online with a professional Mandarin teacher, check out how Flipped Learning Approach will work for you.

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Easy Chinese Characters 肉(ròu)

Easy Chinese Characters 肉(ròu) Hi there! 肉(ròu) is one of the characters which is indeed a visual representation. It looks like MEAT hanging on a hook in the butcher’s shop.  吃(chī) means “Eat” so “吃牛肉” (chī niú ròu )is “eating beef”.

June 29, 2020July 24, 2020by

Easy Chinese Characters – 去(qù)

Easy Chinese Characters - 去(qù) Hi there! It is easy to remember 去(qù) GO/LEAVE if you know the meaning of its components. The top part (土) is land and the bottom part (厶) is private. Since the land is private property, there is no soliciting so you must LEAVE AND GO away 去(qù). For example,...

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Easy Chinese Characters 车(chē)

Easy Chinese Characters 车(chē) Hi there!   The character 车(chē) is simplified from the traditional one 車 which is a visual representation. The middle part of 車 looks like the wheel of a VEHICLE. 上(shàng) means “get on/up” so 上车 is “getting on the car”.

June 26, 2020July 21, 2020by

Easy Chinese Characters 茶(chá)

Easy Chinese Characters 茶(chá) Hi there!   茶(chá)TEA is one of the characters which conveys ideas and concept. You will find a vivid story behind it. (艹)  is called “grass radical” and the bottom part(木) means “wood”. So TEA 茶 looks like a person picking tea leaves in the bush (between grass艹 and 木). 喝(hē)...

June 26, 2020July 18, 2020by