How to Say Money in Mandarin Chinese

How to Say Money in Mandarin Chinese Hello, everyone! Welcome to the voice of New Concept Mandarin. From today on, I am going to teach you some useful words and phrases in mandarin.  Money is something we need to use everyday. In Mandarin Chinese, it’s “qián” (钱) .So the “qi”sound in mandarin is very similar to “che”...

May 14, 2020May 17, 2020by

Something about “TIME”

Something about "TIME" I believe most of you are familiar with the word "shíjiān". But do you know what do we translate "time" into in expressions like "on time" and "in time". Today let’s talk about something about "time". 1. On time 按时(àn shí) He always finishes tasks on time. 他总是按时完成任务。 (tā zǒng shì àn...

July 30, 2018February 27, 2020by