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New Concept Mandarin specializes in teaching Chinese to foreigners by offering Chinese lessons both in our Mandarin Training Center and at students’ preferred location.

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Who are the best Mandarin tutors in HK? Which Mandarin school should I go to in Hong Kong? How can I learn Mandarin faster?

If these are your questions before you start a Mandarin class, New Concept Mandarin offers you the perfect solution. With our in-person training, our effective Flipped Learning Approach, and a team of more than 30 professional Mandarin or Cantonese tutors in HK, we are the market leader in the best and the most comprehensive Chinese language classes for students of all levels in Hong Kong.

Our in-person Mandarin training combines the use of structured course books, flashcards, personalized handouts, online videos and mobile apps to maximize student learning. We offer a wide range of Mandarin Chinese classes for students of all ages in Hong Kong. From Mandarin courses for adults, business professionals to options for kids and teens, we help them all in a fun and engaging environment that ensure results. Our teachers understand that each and every student has individual needs and will provide them with special attention to help them achieve their desired learning objectives.

Our private course at our Mandarin Training Center is designed to meet the needs of those who cannot commit to a regularly scheduled Mandarin course or prefer individual learning arrangements with a private Mandarin tutor in HK.

Private courses offer the following features:

Flexibility – you decide where and when you would like to have your Mandarin class with our private Mandarin tutor.

Customized Course Material – your Mandarin course will be customized to meet your personal and professional needs making sure your own Mandarin learning objectives are met.

Learn at Your Own Pace – if you are a fast learner, you may complete your Mandarin course in a shorter period of time. If you need extra help or need to take a break for travel or personal reasons, frequency and content per class can be altered.

Personalized Learning – whether you are an audio learner or visual learner, our Mandarin tutors in HK will adjust his/her teaching to meet your personal learning style.

Mandarin Learning Materials – access to all of our Mandarin course books, video lectures and online courses. Access to our online Mandarin learning materials will continue for 3 months after the course completion.

Learn more about our private Mandarin lessons - some of the best Mandarin Chinese classes in Hong Kong!

Our small group classes are a popular choice amongst those who enjoy the group dynamics of learning with others in a cost effective manner.

Small group classes offer the following features:

Flexible Times - morning, afternoon and evening classes are available during the week and on weekends. Typically classes for a 32-hour course are 2 hours long and held twice a week. New courses begin regularly.

Flexible Locations - classes held at our training center or your office.

Personal - maximum 6 people per class.

Tailored – your current skill level will be assessed and we’ll advise you on the best course for your learning needs. We provide 9 levels of Mandarin classroom courses.

Fun & Social – you’ll interact with other executives, business owners, colleagues, ‘trailing spouses’ and people who, like you, are interested in Chinese language and culture.

Learning Materials - access to all of our course books, video lectures and online courses.

Learn more about our small group classes.

We provide our corporate clients with top quality Chinese language training tailor-made to meet their specific needs. We take care of all aspects of the training process so that corporate clients save their time and costs.

Corporate Training services include the following professional services:

Needs Analysis - We identify the language training needs of your company, and provide professional consultation on training solutions and how to plan the training required. You will receive a report that specifies your training objectives, options and costs involved.

Assessment - We assess your staff's current Chinese language proficiency and advise on suitable Chinese level courses.

Flexibility – choose your own class schedule and location.

Tailored Course Content - course content can be tailor-made to your company's particular requirements. Industry specific Chinese, real-life activities and documents from your company can be incorporated into the course materials.

Reporting - we provide progress reports, including student’s attendance records, level achievements, certificates and recommendations for future Chinese training.

Post-Course Service - staff can continue to use our online study tools for 3 months after the completion of the course.

Learn more about our corporate training service.

Need to learn fast? Intensive courses condense your course into a very short time period. They are for people who need to learn Mandarin quickly and efficiently. Intense courses are the same course content and face-to-face hours as our regular courses, but taught in a much narrower window.

Intensive courses have the following features:

Bootcamp style intensity – this course requires a short but concentrated time commitment of either (a) four hours a day for 10 days over two weeks, or (b) two hours per day for 20 days over four weeks.

Personal – tuition can be via private one-to-one classes or as exclusive small group classes.

Tailored – for personal classes your curriculum can be tailored to the event causing the urgency. For example a special trade delegation from or to China, relocating to China on short notice or an upcoming sales opportunity.

Flexible Locations - classes can be held at our training center, your home or office.

Learning Materials - access to all of our course books, customized handout materials, video lectures and online courses, as part of our integrated teaching approach.

Learn more about our intensive course.

The Mandarin Immersion Program (MIP) is the most effective way to learn Chinese rapidly! The unique program allows you to immerse yourself in real life experiences that require you to utilize and develop your Chinese communication skills through authentic daily practice and activities.

Mandarin Immersion Program is offered on site at our centers in Suzhou and Hong Kong.

Immersion courses have the following features:

Practical - this program focuses daily communication in Chinese like you would in the real world.

Cultural - you will interact with local Chinese people and culture during the learning process. We teach you to communicate comfortably in practical daily interactions.

Learn more about our immersion program.

Group Mandarin Chinese Classes in Hong Kong

  • Focus on practicing Mandarin skills in class
  • 3-month Complimentary Video Lessons ( Watch the sample video here)
  • Complimentary mobile apps to enhance classroom learning
  • A structured Mandarin course but can be customized to meet personal requirements
  • Small class size between 2 and 3 people per class
CoursesStarting DateClass ScheduleTotal Hours /ModuleTuition FeeBenefits
Survival Level 1 Beginner MandarinFeb 2023Tuesday from 6:30-8:30 pm32HKD 8,960Textbook, handouts, Online video lessons Learning App of Survival 1
HSK3 Intermediate ClassFeb 2023Thursdays from 7-9 pm32HKD 8,960HSK 3 Textbook and Workbook
Survival Level 2 Beginner MandarinFeb 2023Wednesday from 6:30-8:30pm32HKD 8,960Textbook, handouts, Online video lessons Learning App of Survival 2
Total Beginner CantoneseFeb 2023Tuesdays/Wednesdays from 3-4:30pm32HKD 8,960Please see our Cantonese Course Page
Intermediate Level MandarinFeb 2023TBC (according to students' time slots)32HKD 8,960Textbook, handouts, online video lessons Learning App of Intermediate level
HSK 1/2/3 Test Preparation CourseFeb 2023TBC (according to students' time slots)32HKD 8,960Please see our HSK Program (HSK Textbook, workbook, flashcards, mock test)

We also provide private Mandarin lessons and in-house group training.

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Learn Mandarin Chinese Effectively with Mandarin Tutors in Hong Kong

Need to know where to find the best Mandarin classes in HK? Wondering how to locate the best Chinese tutors in Hong Kong? There’s no need to spend any more time searching for Hong Kong’s most effective Mandarin school – we have the perfect solution for you.

We have proudly developed the “Flipped Learning Approach” to help our students learn Mandarin in Hong Kong.

With our own course books, online video tutorials and mobile Apps, we have formulated an innovative Flipped Learning model. Course textbooks are integrated with Mandarin video tutorials, online learning materials and training Apps in HK. With this approach, students can achieve their learning outcomes 3 times more effectively than from a traditional HK Mandarin school.

Learning with us does not stop with the classroom: In addition to practice classes with our professional Mandarin teachers, students can continue their Mandarin learning throughout the day at no extra cost. Students can watch our video lectures before class, prepare for their lessons with our website or App, and review the contents anywhere, anytime.

New Concept Mandarin offers a wide range of courses to learn Chinese, with lessons that are perfect for students of all skill levels. Whether you’re advanced or just starting out, our private Mandarin Chinese tutors in Hong Kong will give you the help you need to see real progress.

You can take a private Chinese course with a tutor, or you can also join our Mandarin group courses to learn Chinese in Hong Kong. Whatever choice you make, we ensure that your valuable time is used to maximize your learning. We will help you master Chinese!

Interested but not convinced yet? Why not book a free trial Chinese lesson to experience it yourself? For any enquiries, fill out an online enquiry form. Or, you can speak to us directly using the contact information provided.

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Meet Some of Our Mandarin Tutors in Hong Kong

Jun Zhao
Jun Zhao
Jun obtained her Master Degree of Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language from The Hong Kong Polytechnic University with two years professional training of second language acquisition and pedagogy. Before joining New Concept Mandarin, Jun worked as a Chinese teacher in Palacky University in Czech Republic.
Chinese Teacher Irene Zhang
Chinese Teacher Irene Zhang
Irene has a BA degree from Yunnan University of China, a MA degree from City University of Hong Kong, and a Master of Science in Applied Psychology from Lingnan University of Hong Kong. Irene has also received special training in psychological counselling in Hong Kong after her graduation form Lingnan University. Irene is one of our best Chinese teachers. She is very experienced in teaching Chinese to both foreign students and local Hong Kong students. In addition to teaching general Mandarin and business Chinese to executives, Irene also has substantial experience in tutoring school kids.
Freya Hou
Freya Hou
Freya obtained her Master's Degree of Chinese Literature Language and Culture from Hong Kong Baptist University. She passed the Putonghua Proficiency Test with A Level Certificate. Before joining New Concept Mandarin, she worked as a mandarin teacher in Beijing for two years. She was in charge of not only general conversational courses, but also journalism reading and HSK courses. She was responsible for the enterprise language training, such as Mitsubishi, Mazars, Samsung, Asahi Shimbun, etc. Her teaching methods has successfully integrated students into language learning.
Chinese Teacher Jeffrey Li
Chinese Teacher Jeffrey Li
Jeffrey has a BA degree in English and a MA degree in Applied Linguistics. He received A Level Certificate issued by the Putonghua Proficiency Test held by the National Office of Professional Putonghua Committee. He speaks very standard Mandarin and he used to work as a Mandarin host and anchor for Chinese radio stations. He has more than 5 years of experience in teaching Chinese as a foreign language both online and face-to-face. He has been teaching business Chinese, kids Mandarin, IGCES Chinese and IB Chinese. Jeffrey is a very knowledgeable, patient, soft and caring teacher. He is one of the most popular Mandarin teachers.

What Do Our Hong Kong Clients Say About Our Mandarin Lessons?

More than 80% of our clients have gone on to take a second, more advanced level Mandarin courses. They also refer many friends to us.

Mandarin Class

During my learning of Mandarin, I got the opportunity to be taught by two wonderful Mandarin teachers: Icy & Amelia. Each one of them had a different teaching technique and I found both very interesting and suiting my learning style. With both, I could ask for my areas of interest (Chinese movies, Chinese songs, Chinese fairy stories or day to day happenings in Mandarin) and I got exactly what I needed. I learned many things about Chinese Culture outside the academic aspect and this was the most valuable thing for me besides learning the language itself. Now that I am moving to Malaysia, I feel very sad that I will stop my Mandarin class with New Concept Mandarin. Thank you for making me have such a wonderful learning experience with you.

-- Ms. Diala from Lebanon
(Private Mandarin Course from August, 2015 – May, 2016)

Victoria IB Chinese B HL tutoring

Over the IB course of my tutoring at New Concept Mandarin, my Chinese has seen considerable improvements. My Chinese writing skills are much stronger than they were and my Chinese speaking has become much more fluent.

-- Victoria from Chinese International School
(Private IB Chinese Course--Chinese B Higher Level)

"I have hugely enjoyed learning Mandarin at NCM. The language itself is fascinating, as it is so vastly different to English and learning the characters is like unlocking a puzzle, but the real joy has been my teacher, she has done an excellent job at keeping the sessions fun and interesting, varied and not regimented, but still thorough in teaching style and constantly adapted to my learning needs over time. I have made great progress, thanks to a fun but very professional teacher."

-- David Charnley, The Royal Bank of Scotland

Learn more about our Mandarin classes in Hong Kong by reading our testomonials!