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Advanced Chinese Class

Advanced Chinese Level 1 - Professional Level 1

Learners will be able to perform effectively in basic professional business, particularly in relation to marketing and sales.

Topics include:

  • Target Market
  • Market Research
  • Sales Strategies
  • Market Share
  • Advertising
  • Promotions

Advanced Chinese Level 2 - Professional Level 2

Learners are able to perform very effectively in professional business, particularly in accounting and financing.

Topics include:

  • Accounting
  • Bad Debt
  • International Trade and Payment
  • Assets and Liabilities
  • Profit and Loss
  • Shareholder and Stocks
  • Tax and Audit

Learners will be able to perform very effectively in almost all social and business situations in a more comprehensive and integrated approach in which a specific TV drama series (Big Boss) is developed to meet the learners' needs.

Business Chinese course materials

Topics include:

  • Business Travel
  • Give Assignments
  • Make a presentation
  • Announce results
  • At a trade show
  • Sales Process
  • Close a deal
  • Performance review