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Intermediate Chinese Class

Intermediate Chinese Level 1 - Social Level 1

Learners learn more sophisticated means of expression and description. Learners are able to satisfy basic social needs, and routine needs, negotiate for personal and social needs, read simple passages in Chinese characters. Each Unit include Conversation, Words and Expressions, Key Sentences, Practice and Reading.

Topics include:

  • Rent/buy and furnish a house/apartment
  • Order food in a Chinese restaurant
  • Shop in a supermarket
  • Get around and travel
  • Education and schooling
  • Work in China
  • Health matters
  • Hobbies and leisure time
  • Family and friends
  • Earth and environment

Intermediate Chinese Level 2 - Social Level 2

Learners will be able to communicate confidently in everyday situations. Learners are able to satisfy most social needs and routine needs. 10 Units of book provides ample opportunities for the students to experience the language and its culture in order to develop intercultural awareness and enrich personal experience.

Topics include:

  • Various occupations
  • Describe work and family background
  • Hobbies and Sports

Intermediate Chinese Level 3 - Social Level 3

In this upper Intermediate stage, learners will be able to perform effectively in most informal and formal situations pertinent to social and community life and everyday commerce and recreation, without having to rely on an interpreter for common daily activities.

Topics include:

  • More about routine needs
  • Advanced expression for communicating with others
  • Read and discuss case studies
  • Chinese idioms
  • Write simple letters or memos in Chinese