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Mandarin Immersion in Mainland China and Hong Kong | New Concept Mandarin

The Chinese Immersion Program provided by New Concept Mandarin is the most effective way to learn Chinese in mainland China and Hong Kong! It is designed to help you communicate in the language using the shortest study period possible. The program allows you to immerse yourself in real life experiences that require you to utilize and develop your communication skills through authentic daily practice and activities.

Different from a traditional classroom course model, in this Mandarin immersion program you learn to manage daily communication in Chinese like you would in the real world. You have ample opportunities to interact with the local people and discovery true Chinese culture during the learning process. Our professional instructors and staff that run the Mandarin immersion program at New Concept Mandarin in Hong Kong and mainland China are dedicated to supporting you through the whole learning experience. We teach you to communicate comfortably in practical daily interactions.

Our Program Philosophy

Chinese immersion like swimmingChinese immersion is like swimming. Our program is based on the need to acquire practical Mandarin communication skills for everyday life and work.

Researchers have noted that language learners upon leaving traditional courses still have difficulty with their real-life communication, noting the wide gap between the complexity of the reality they encounter and the simple structures they learn in class. To avoid learning a lot of language structures and grammar, but still not being able to communicate in real life situations, our program involves learner participation in natural, complex, real world situations and focuses heavily on managing daily communications in real life and work. Immersion allows you to learn in weeks which would normally take a year or more.

With New Concept Mandarin, you will be able to practice and explore your Mandarin communication skills as well as integrate and internalize knowledge of the language.

Our Program Approach

Our Mandarin immersion experience is based on action learning and experiential learning concepts. It will get you to speak and think in Mandarin from day one of the program. Teaching in this fashion can involve various methods of instruction including classroom learning, practice sessions, seminars, workshops, presentations, as well as guided tours.

In the classroom, we will focus on the meaning and contents of Mandarin rather than drills on pronunciation and grammar. You pick up the native like accent and correct sentence structures by using Mandarin in a Mandarin context.

With our Chinese immersion school, learning does not stop when you leave the classroom. Since you are learning and living in China, where Mandarin is the standard language, you will utilize what you learned in class out on the streets. Just going to the store to buy a Coke means you are using Mandarin. Though challenging at the start, in no time you will quickly acquire the skills needed to deal with this, and far more difficult situations in China.

Remember, the only way to really learn a language is to practice it. With our Mandarin immersion program, you are going to use Mandarin all day, every day! When you participate in the program you will have plenty of time, and countless opportunities to practice your Mandarin communication skills. In a very short period of time you will find that you are able to effectively communicate in Mandarin!

Chinese Immersion Program Introduction