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Our IB Chinese Tutorial Class in HK

Pass IB Chinese Exams with Favorable Scores

Pass IB Chinese Exams with Favorable Scores

  • ● IBDP Chinese A: Language & Literature / Literature (Standard Level / Higher Level)
  • ● IBDP Chinese B (Standard Level / Higher Level)
  • ● School-based courses IBDP Chinese A & B
  • ● School-based courses Pre-IBDP Chinese A
  • ● IBMYP Chinese A (Level 1-5)
  • ● Available in traditional and simplified characters

Why is Our IB Chinese Class Your Top Pick? Our IB Chinese Tutorial Class in HK

How Can New Concept Mandarin Help You?

While New Concept Mandarin provides general Mandarin courses for foreigners in HK, we are constantly approached by parents of international schools (HKIS, CIS, ESF…) to help their children with their study through IB Chinese Tutorial Classes. Over the past 20 years, our HK Chinese tutors have gained rich experience from personalizing IB Chinese lessons to cater to students’ needs and learning progress with the aim of helping with their studies through IB Chinese classes and test preparation. Student can take IB Chinese PYP, MYP&DP private tutorial class in our center in Central or online via Zoom. We also offer face-to-face IB Chinese private tutorial at students’ home.  )

In this IB Chinese Tutorial Class, teachers will provide students with ample mock exam questions for practice, followed by detailed comments and feedback. Lessons will cover a variety of practical writing, common literary terminologies and oral skills. We will also provide high-scoring commentary essays in order to help students achieve high scores in the exam.

Arrange an IB Chinese Tutor in HK with Us Today

Our IB tutors are highly experienced and trained in providing IB Chinese training. They are very familiar with the students’ IB needs as they have taught students from many renowned international schools. They are specialized in customizing course content to cater to your child's curriculum.

  • ● IB Chinese Tutorial Classes are student-focused and cater to individual learner’s abilities and needs
  • ● Regular assessment and communication with parents to ensure close monitoring of student’s progress

IB Chinese Tutors can teach students in Simplified or Traditional Chinese.

For more information on our IB Chinese classes and tutors, contact us by filling in the enquiry form. A member of our friendly team will get in touch with you to discuss.

Our Students Are From International Schools

漢基國際學校 - Chinese International School

啓新書院 - Renaissance College Hong Kong

香港國際學校 - Hong Kong International School

南島中學 - South Island School

德瑞國際學校 - German Swiss International School

滬江維多利亞學校 - Victoria Shanghai Academy

新加坡國際學校 - Singapore International School

法國國際學校 - French International School

西島中學 West Island School

港島中學 Island School

加拿大國際學校 Canadian International School

保良局蔡繼有學校 - Po Leung Kuk Choi Kai Yau School

李寶椿聯合世界書院 - Li Po Chun United World College of Hong Kong

How You Will Benefit from Our IB Chinese Tutorial Class in HK?

IBDP Chinese A

  • ● Students improve Chinese writing proficiency and examination skills for the External Assessment for IBDP Chinese A Language and Literature.
  • ● In each IB Chinese Tutorial class, tutors will guide students to achieve higher scores in the Internal Assessment at school by conducting practices and mock examinations with students.
  • ● Practical skills include:
    • ○ Analyzing literary features of works;
    • ○ Oral commentary on works;
    • ○ Commenting on previously unseen texts;
    • ○ Writing comparative essays.
  • ● School based IB Chinese Classes
    • ○ Lesson materials tailored to the school’s reading list
    • ○ Get a head start in becoming familiar with IBDP Chinese A
    • ○ Exam questions practice with textual analysis skills
    • ○ Enhance essential literary knowledge and Chinese communication skills
    • ○ Guidance in the external assessment and oral exam

IBDP Chinese B (HL&SL)

  • ● Writing formats of various text types, essential vocab and high-scoring essays
  • ● Reading Skills for achieving a top score
  • ● Detailed and skillful guidance in the external assessment and oral exam
  • ● Past exam papers practice

The IB Primary Years Program (PYP) (students aged 5 to 11)

For PYP students we focus on laying a solid foundation on four skills listening, speaking, reading, and writing of Mandarin Chinese. Our customized IB Chinese class contents will help learners with their Mandarin study in their school curriculum.

The Middle Years Program (MYP) (students aged 11 to 16)

For MYP programs, students will become more creative, critical and reflective thinkers. In these IB Chinese Tutorial classes, we focus on learning Mandarin through controlled and creative activities. Students will build up confidence in using Chinese as native speakers and develop oral and written communication skills.

建立學生讀、寫、聽、說的能力,為銜接IB-DP 中文語言A (Language A)、語言B (Language B)或 A-Level的課程打好基礎。同時可配合學校課程內容學習。

語言A (Language A)︰除讀、寫、聽、說的課程外,還會加以建立學生分析文學作品、翻譯的能力與技巧。

The Diploma Program (DP) (students aged 16 to 19)

For DP students, we focus on helping them to achieve higher scores in their IB final examinations. Our experienced IB Chinese Examination tutors in HK will use these IB Chinese classes to focus more on reading comprehension, composition writing, reviewing the past examination papers. Mock examination papers will be used to help students gain practical experience immediately for the final examination.



  1. 協助國際學校學生累積詞彙,建立豐富的詞彙庫,準確理解並熟練應用在寫作及口語溝通之中。教師會因應學生之中文程度及學習進度,循序漸進地教授豐富多元的中文詞彙。課程會先讓學生掌握日常生活較常見的中文詞彙,然後漸漸提升難度,好讓學生準確理解詞語在不同語境的使用方法,從而提高中文寫作與口語溝通能力。
  2. 2. 中文寫作往往是國際學校學生之難點。教師會針對國際學生學習中的思維差異和寫作的思路差異,帶領學生有效掌握寫作的深層思路思考和組織表達。

對於修讀課程 A 之學生,NCM老師會按照校方所選取的作家作品或文學名著,教導學生深入分析和評論的方法,發展學生獨立的文學批評能力。學生會從中學習不同的文學體裁和其特點,熟悉各種不同的詮釋和分析的角度,文學批評理論和流派,理解和尊重多元文化,最後在老師的指引下撰寫反思和文學論文。

對於修讀課程 B 之學生,老師會由淺入深,從學生愛寫和易寫的課題出發,訓練細微觀察、展開思路、合理想像、清楚表達的能力,提升學生語言運用與書面語寫作能力。

  1. 鍛煉良好的口語交際表達能力。老師按照校方所選取的作家作品或文學名著,教授學生口頭評論的組織技巧,講解如何選取內容和概括重點的方法。在老師的指導下,學生可以掌握文學研究的相關術語,學會以恰當的語體和風格來表達思想觀點。

Why Students Love Our IB Chinese Tutorial Classes

Client Name: Elisabeth HardeeWhy Students Love Our IB Tutorial Courses

Date: 01/08/2014

Extremely helpful. The teachers were all great, they were very very helpful and focused with my Mandarin study. They also helped me to make a good improvement, so I now think that I can get a good mark in my exam where before I took the course I would fail. Everyone was very kind and always ready to help. I highly recommend New Concept Mandarin.

Victoria from Chinese International SchoolClient Name: Victoria from Chinese International School

Course: Private IB Chinese Course--Chinese B Higher Level (09/2013--04/2016)

Over the IB course of my tutoring at New Concept Mandarin, my Chinese has seen considerable improvements. My Chinese writing skills are much stronger than they were and my Chinese speaking has become much more fluent.

Client: Student from Renaissance College, 2019

Course: Private IB Chinese Course--Chinese A Language and Literature (From 2014 - 2019)

Client: Student from CIS, 2018

Course: Private IB Chinese Course-- IB Chinese B Higher Level (Jan 2017- Apr 2018)