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Our IB Chinese Tutorial Class in HK

What IB Chinese tutorial classes do you offer?

New Concept Mandarin is extremely proud of its students who have achieved the top scores in their final IB Chinese exams. We have been providing IB Chinese tutorial since year 2000 in Hong Kong and we have helped numerous students realize their dreams to go to the most famous universities. We currently offer the following IB Chinese course tutorials.

Why should I choose your IB Chinese class tutorial?

  • You will learn what you need to get the top score in IB exams.
  • We will assess your current level and make a study plan together with you to lay a solid foundation for your exams.
  • We will diagnose your learning needs and identify the skills and tactics that you need to get the top score in your IB exams.
  • We have a dedicated team of IB Chinese teachers.
  • We have a rich resource of in-house developed IB Chinese learning materials and mock exams and past exam papers.

Watch the video and see what our teachers say about IB Chinese study. Find out More Benefits of our IB Chinese Programs .

While New Concept Mandarin provides general Mandarin courses for foreigners in HK, we are constantly approached by parents of international schools (HKIS, CIS, ESF…) to help their children improve their IB Chinese studies by offering tutorial classes. Over the past 23 years, our HK Chinese tutors have gained rich experience in teaching IB Chinese lessons. We have helped our students achieve observable and measurable learning outcomes through our IB Chinese classes. Private one-on-one tutorial classes are offered for IBDP Chinese A, IBDP Chinese B, IBMYP Chinese, IBPYP Chinese, and IGCSE, in our center in Central or online via Zoom. We also offer face-to-face IB Chinese private tutorial at students' home.

In our IB Chinese Tutorial Classes, teachers will provide students with ample mock exam questions for practice, followed by detailed comments and feedback. Based on each student’s personal needs, our teachers will customize the contents to develop the Chinese writing or oral skills required by the IB exams. We will also provide high-scoring commentary essays from our collections to help our students achieve high scores in their IB exams.

Do I have the best IB Chinese teachers?

A good teacher can make a huge difference. The best teacher is the teacher that can help you maximize your learning outcome. We are very serious about recruiting and training our teachers. Out of one hundred applicants, we may only hire one or two teachers and each teacher must go through intensive training before they can teach IB Chinese. We also have ongoing training for our IB teachers. 80% of our IB students come to us by word of mouth. Our teachers are very familiar with IB Chinese curriculum and have rich experience teaching IB Chinese.

Meet some of our fulltime IB Chinese teachers in Hongkong

IB Chinese Teacher Keira Zhu
Keira received her BA degree in Language studies and MA degree from The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. Keira is a native Mandarin speaker from Northern China. She speaks fluent French and English. Keira is currently teaching IB Chinese A and IB Chinese B to students of international schools in Hong Kong. Keira is very knowledgeable in Chinese language and literature. She is one the most popular IB teachers in Hong Kong.
IB Chinese Teacher Sherry Hu
Sherry got a BA degree from Shanghai Theatre Academy and a BA degree from East China Normal University in Shanghai. She also has a MA degree from Hong Kong Baptist University. Sherry speaks native Mandarin, Shanghainese, native like Cantonese and English. Sherry is a language specialist focus on IB Chinese teaching. She has a profound understanding of IB Chinese programs. She can teach both IB Chinese A and IB Chinese B.
IB Chinese Teacher Kiki Tang
Kiki received a BA degree in Chinese Language and Literature from Jiangsu Normal University and an MA degree in Linguistics and Language Acquisition from Chinese University of Hong Kong.
Kiki is very experienced in teaching students from international schools, helping them with their Chinese study in the school and achieve good results in their exams. She is very familiar with IB Chinese, IGCSE Chinese, AP programs. She is a very popular teacher for Chinese tutorial in-person or online.
IB Chinese Teacher Jeffrey Li
Jeffrey has a BA degree in English and a MA degree in Applied Linguistics. He received A Level Certificate issued by the Putonghua Proficiency Test held by the National Office of Professional Putonghua Committee.
He speaks very standard Mandarin and he used to work as a Mandarin host and anchor for Chinese radio stations. He has more than 5 years of experience in teaching Chinese as a foreign language both online and face-to-face. He has been teaching IGCSE Chinese and IB Chinese in Hong Kong. Jeffrey is a very knowledgeable, patient, soft and caring teacher. He is one of the most popular IB Chinese teachers.
IB Chinese Teacher Winny Wen
Winny graduated from Shenzhen University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language. She passed the Putonghua Proficiency Test held by the National Office of Professional Putonghua Committee with an A level.
Winny's lessons are tailored and focused to meet each student’s individual needs. She is very passionate in IB Chinse programs and well understand how to help students achieve top score in IB exams.

Who are taking our IB Chinese class tutorials?

We are very proud to help the students from the following international schools achieve top scores in their IB Chinese exams.
  • 漢基國際學校 - Chinese International School
  • 弘立書院 - The Independent Schools Foundation Academy
  • 加拿大國際學校 - Canadian International School
  • 啓新書院 - Renaissance College Hong Kong
  • 香港國際學校 - Hong Kong International School
  • 南島中學 - South Island School
  • 德瑞國際學校 - German Swiss International School
  • 滬江維多利亞學校 - Victoria Shanghai Academy
  • 新加坡國際學校 - Singapore International School
  • 法國國際學校 - French International School
  • 西島中學 - West Island School
  • 港島中學 - Island School
  • 保良局蔡繼有學校 - Po Leung Kuk Choi Kai Yau School
  • 李寶椿聯合世界書院 - Li Po Chun United World College of Hong Kong
  • 香港學堂國際學校 - Hong Kong Academy
  • 耀中國際學校 - Yew Chung International School
  • 聖士提反書院 - St. Stephen's College
  • 聖保羅男女中學 - St. Paul's Co-educational College/li>

What the students and parents say about us?

A student from CIS
(IB Chinese 6)
The IB Chinese course tutoring at New Concept Mandarin is very helpful. My Chinese has seen considerable improvements. My Chinese writing skills are much stronger than they were, and my Chinese speaking has become much more fluent.
A Student from Renaissance College
(IB Chinese 6)
温老師你好,我IB總分拿了43,中文拿到了6,順利入讀了港大和中大醫學院。謝謝你的教導,幫我考到這麼高的分數! 祝你生活愉快!
A parent of a CIS student
(IB Chinese 7)
Just to let you know IB exams results came out last night. My son achieved 7 in Chinese, the top grade! So, he is very happy! We never think he can achieve top grade, but he did … in Chinese. He did very well overall in other subjects, too. Thank you for your help and support!
A parent of a ISF student
(IB Chinese 7)
I want to thank NCM for helping my IB Chinese A study over the past 2 years! I am so pleased that I got 7 in my final exam. I had tried different places before I went to NCM, and I was very happy with their staff and teachers. The teachers are very knowledgeable and helpful.

Comments from Google Review on IB chinese tutorials

Miss Zhu is an excellent teacher who can inspire her students to develop a lot of interest and initiative for learning. She provides very good guidance to her students with much patience and professionalism. Thanks to her commendable efforts, my son has shown substantial improvement in his Chinese studies.
Miss Sherry is always very helpful, Patience to my son. She knows well about the requirement for IB syllabus A and we are very happy my son got 29/30 in his recent school exam!
I'm enjoying the course quite a lot. For the first time I'm focusing on the Chinese characters as well. My teacher is Jeffrey and he's super good!
Great motivating and fun teacher! I really enjoyed my lessons with Marcie. I learned a lot in a short space of time!

Video testimonial of IB Chinese

What are your fees and schedule for IB Chinese classes?

Course fees: HKD 550 – HKD 700 per hour
Class time: Monday – Saturday

Where to get IB Chinese tutorials?

Class location: Our center in central or your home (+traveling fees)

Location of Our Hong Kong centre

Chat on WhatsApp (Text message only)
+852 2850 4332
13th Floor, Fortune House, 61 Connaught Road, Central, Hong Kong.
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