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Learn Putonghua in New Concept Mandarin: Putonghua Classes for Hongkongers

Do you want to stand out in the workplace with impressive Putonghua skills? If so, you can rely on us!

New Concept Mandarin customizes Putonghua courses for Hong Kong people and enterprises. We aim to train every Hong Konger to be confident in using Putonghua in daily conversation, business negotiation, and more.

If you are work-oriented and show an interest in Mandarin, this Putonghua class is your pick. You will receive systematic, effective training in improving your Chinese language proficiencies and articulation. Eventually, you learn to communicate in Putonghua and increase your work competitiveness.

Top Qualities of Our Putonghua Classes

Interactive Teaching & Effective Learning

Our interactive teaching emphasizes the real-life application of Putonghua. It focuses on training learners’ communication skills, while encouraging active learning and participation in Putonghua classes.

This innovative interactive pedagogy provides plenty of learning opportunities. Learners get to process and produce the language in light-hearted, engaging classroom activities. Students learn to use Putonghua for authentic communication as well. Lesson activities such as dialogue writing and role-play break through the rote-learning traditions. They add interactive elements which arouse student interest in learning Putonghua.

Personalized, Practical Learning Materials

The Putonghua course is practical-oriented. Not only do we disseminate basic Mandarin knowledge, but we also customize courses that cater to different businesses. We teach students professional vocabulary related to their business nature so that they can use it in daily communication or in the workplace.

Workplace Putonghua that bolsters your competitiveness

If you are an employed person and demonstrate a good understanding of basic Putonghua, this Mandarin class is for you!

This Putonghua course enhances your Putonghua proficiency and competitiveness at work consequently. The ultimate goal is to enable learners to communicate properly in their field of work using professional Putonghua.

Putonghua Course Content

The whole Putonghua course consists of three levels: elementary, intermediate and high school. Each level includes two stages, and each lesson features the following six parts:

Daily conversation:

  • • Initiate oral discussions on a variety of topics that are of students’ interests
  • • Learn Putonghua in the form of dialogue, in the context of rich everyday life situations that students are familiar with and can relate to easily

Professional words:

  • • Enrich vocabulary and phrases using a theme-based approach
  • • Expand learners’ vocabulary bank for engaging, meaningful conversations

Pronunciation practice:

  • • Consolidate the phonetic knowledge of Putonghua, like vowels, consonants, tones, etc.
  • • Practice accurate pronunciation and articulation

Cantonese-Putonghua Contrasts:

  • • Compare the syntactic features between Cantonese and Putonghua,
  • • Master the language features of Putonghua at ease

Culture and Customs:

  • • Develop students’ understanding of the use of Putonghua and the styles of communication in different cultural settings
  • • Highlight the idiomatic usages of Putonghua

Talk and sing:

  • • Learn Putonghua from practical application
  • • Learn from interactive, engaging coursework and communication tasks in Mandarin

Free Putonghua Classes: practising Pinyin listening and reading online

If you are interested in enrolling on our course, you can take our free Putonghua class first. It focuses on the Pinyin basics and common pronunciation difficulties among Cantonese speakers.

You will explore the basic vowels, consonants and tones in Putonghua in the first section, and you will learn to differentiate similar utterances in Putonghua, such as 'zh', 'ch' and 'sh'.

Join our free Putonghua lessons now!

Location of Our Hong Kong Centre

  • 13th Floor, Fortune House, 61 Connaught Road Central, Hong Kong.

Join a free trial Putonghua class in our Hong Kong Centre now!

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New Concept Mandarin 為個人和各大企業策劃提供專業、系統、實用、有效的普通話培訓課,無論是普通話拼音基礎,日常對話,還是商務談判,滿足學生商務工作社交需要。




我們的互動教學法,強調普通話的實際應用, 著重訓練學員普通話的溝通能力和技巧,鼓勵學員主動學習和積極參與。

這種嶄新的互動教學法主要是透過輕鬆有趣的互動課堂活動,讓學員多聽多講,活學活用, 其中包括「對話創作」、「角色扮演」等,突破了傳統只注重拼音、背誦的單向式學習,大大提高學員的學習興趣。


本課程以實用為本,除了教授學員一般普通話知識以外,更配合個別公司的業務性質,度身製定額外的課程內容, 讓學員學習專業詞匯,能在實際工作或生活中應用。





日常會話︰ 豐富的生活情境,通過不同的話題展開討論對話。

專業詞語︰ 擴展與主題相關的詞匯、語匯。

語音練習︰ 鞏固語音知識,練習正確發音。

廣普對照︰ 通過對比分析,掌握普通話的表達方式。

文化與習慣︰ 協助溝通與理解,認識區別普通話特有的習慣用法。

暢談唱談︰ 課後作業,從實際應用學習以普通話完成溝通任務。

普通话教程 - 拼音听读练习