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How did you like your Chinese lessons with us, and how did you like our Chinese teachers? We would like to share our students' success stories of learning Chinese with New Concept Mandarin.

We are very proud to share what our clients have to say about our Chinese Courses. More than 80% of our clients have renewed their Mandarin courses to a more advanced level because of their satisfactions with our Mandarin training service. Many have also refer their friends to us. Customer satisfaction is one of our top focuses here at New Concept Mandarin.

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Some of Written Testimonials from Students

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The teacher can induce the classmates to speak more. The program fits to my industry. The classes are interactive. Including plenty of Industry related vocabulary words which are useful in our daily work.
-- In-House Group Mandarin Training
Classes are very interactive. Topics are very interesting. Teacher will share some wordings used by local people in China. Lots of practice opportunities in day-to-day Putonghua conversations. Practice with specific topics, care of individual needs just in case.
-- Students from Hong Kong, In-house Putonghua Training
The course is interesting and interactive, with topics related to our daily life. Teacher can provide a pleasant learning environment for us without pressure. The teaching method is nice and active. We can learn Mandarin happily and comfortably.
-- Students from Hong Kong, In-house Putonghua Training
During my learning of Mandarin, I got the opportunity to be taught by two wonderful Mandarin teachers: Icy & Amelia. Each one of them had a different teaching technique and I found both very interesting and suiting my learning style. With both, I could ask for my areas of interest (Chinese movies, Chinese songs, Chinese fairy stories or day to day happenings in Mandarin) and I got exactly what I needed. I learned many things about Chinese Culture outside the academic aspect and this was the most valuable thing for me besides learning the language itself. Now that I am moving to Malaysia, I feel very sad that I will stop my Mandarin class with New Concept Mandarin. Thank you for making me have such a wonderful learning experience with you.
-- Ms. Diala from Lebanon
(Private Mandarin Course from August, 2015 – May, 2016)
Over the IB course of my tutoring at New Concept Mandarin, my Chinese has seen considerable improvements. My Chinese writing skills are much stronger than they were and my Chinese speaking has become much more fluent.
-- Victoria from Chinese International School
(Private IB Chinese Course--Chinese B Higher Level)
I really enjoyed my Cantonese Classes. Cantonese is a very fun language. I have a great teacher. I appreciate her for being very patient and positive with me. She is also very friendly.
-- Miss Alp, student in Private Cantonese Class in Central
I'm totally satisfied with the quality of teaching and your original textbooks. One of the main reason I choose your school is the practical textbooks. All of your staff always provide me warm and flexible support. My teacher’s advice has really helped me a lot. Thank you very much for all your assistance.
-- Ms. RIE TANAKA from Japan (Private Mandarin Class)
I have been studying Mandarin in New Concept Mandarin since I was in high school. I have very much enjoyed my Chinese lessons here. The teachers are all friendly and the quality of teaching is excellent. They are more than happy to adapt classes to fit your individual needs and you can bring your own materials if you want to concentrate on what you find most useful. The company also has their own course materials that provide a good way to start learning mandarin in the early stages. I would highly recommend this company.
-- Ms. Alice from Cambridge University
(IGCSE Chinese Tutorial & IB Chinese B Tutorial & Chinese Tutorial Course)
After reviewing several companies for Mandarin lessons, I liked New Concept Mandarin’s approach with skill-appropriate workbooks, on-line video lessons, and one-on-one teaching! As a foreigner from the United States, I am a beginner Mandarin Learner. I want to learn Mandarin due to business needs of working with many manufacturers in Mainland China and Taiwan. With the learning resources that New Concept Mandarin has, I’m making much progress! My laoshi (teacher), Crystal, has been instrumental in helping me with many different approaches on how to read, listen and speak Mandarin! She is very patient with this foreigner! I have passed HSK 1 test last year and am now studying for HSK 2 test. I know I can become a better speaker and achieve my Mandarin goals through New Concept Mandarin!
-- Ms. Lynne from Academy Intl. Ltd (Private Mandarin Course)
The experience with NCM has been one of the most memorable experiences of my life. Learning a completely new language like Mandarin was really exciting and challenging at the same time. Just after a few weeks of starting the Mandarin course, my teacher told me that I have a natural aptitude for learning foreign languages. This motivated me to further strive to get better at speaking Chinese with each passing day. I believe that good teacher influences how well one enjoys learning a language. The teacher’s knowledge of the Mandarin curriculum was really inspiring. I enjoyed one on one teacher-student feedback, the contents of the course and the framing offered. I believe in the saying “throw yourself at every opportunity that comes your way”. I did exactly that and tried my best to make the most of the opportunity offered by NCM. It was a huge decision and I am happy that I chose NCM and there is no way I would have been able to do that without the flexibility of both time and place offered by NCM. Today I am proud to have been associated with New Concept Mandarin.
-- Zara from Pakistan (Private Mandarin Course)
It has been a great experience to study two courses with my teacher in a small group. She proved to be an engaging and entertaining teacher, providing us with interesting and challenging exercises every time. I was also very satisfied with the course text book. It’s well structured and well paced.
-- David, student in Beginner Chinese evening class in Central
This Putonghua class is well-organized and helpful. The teacher’s insturction is clear and understandable. She is able to relate Cantonese and the corresponding Putonghua well and accurately, which is very helpful to our Hong Kong local people. I can follow the teacher’s standard pronunciation. Overall, the experience of the class so far is excellent.

I like the interactive sessions in our face-to-face class time. Teacher brings a topic at a time for team discussion, helps us apply the language in real life situation, so I can practice a lot in class and try out the words after class.

Each student may have different need of learning the language. The teacher cares about our needs and has given us the chances to practice the language being used at each of our area of expertise. She encourages discussion which is a good way to practice the language.
-- Students from Hong Kong, In-house Putonghua Training
Annalisa: "I like my teacher and I enjoy learning Chinese in New Concept Mandarin!"
-- Students from Suzhou
How to learn Chinese effectively? We have well trained and dedicated Chinese teachers and self study tools to help you learn Mandarin. Alessandra Savazza who comes from Italy has been studying with New Concept Mandarin from Survival Level 1 as a total beginner. Now she has finished the Social Level 3 course and is planning to take a special course for learning Chinese characters. She enjoys learning with New Concept Mandarin and enjoys the feeling of being able to speak more and more Chinese every day. She said “ I really like the private class!! I did not think that I can improve my Chinese conversation so quickly! I'm able to say a lot of things, even tell the tale of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs! I feel very motivated!”
-- Alessandra Savazza, Study Chinese in Suzhou
Many big and small corporations choose us for their Chinese lessons. The Chinese class can be arranged as at your office or factory. Four clients from Candyhoover learned Chinese for 120 Hours in New Concept Mandarin. They said “New Concept Mandarin provides us with a friendly, patient and professional Mandarin teaching service. Our teacher Lillian has been great in guiding us through the basics of Chinese language. We are looking forward to continuing to a more advanced level with NCM.”

As one of our students, Dudley Willis, Manager of Projects/Engineering in Duke University said “I have really enjoyed the New Concept Mandarin classes for the past five months. The classes are paced to fit my schedule, and I never feel overly pressured if I miss a day or two of studying. I have picked up cultural references and it's great to have someone whom I can ask for explanations about how things work in China. I still have a long way to go to become proficient in Mandarin, but this class has turned out to be a great resource to help me assimilate faster into the community. “
-- Dudley Willis, HSK 4 Course in Suzhou
If you like to learn Chinese in a one to one private class, we are pleased to offer you our excellent teaching service. As our students said "Since the beginning of the year, we have each received 200hrs tuition at NCM. Both Lillian and Rebecca, our teachers, have helped us to understand the fundamentals of the Chinese language. Their professional approach and friendly manner has enabled us to gain confidence and improve our linguistic skills”
-- Paul Moxon, GM at a Swiss international biotechnology company, and his wife Elaine Moxon

New Concept Mandarin: My Mandarin Learning Experience.

It is no mystery that learning a foreign language can be daunting. I especially felt this way when coming to China. To me, learning Chinese and becoming fluent in the language felt nearly impossible by myself, so I decided to take a Chinese class in Suzhou.

Upon researching language schools in Suzhou, I first opted for Mandarin House. They seemed like a good option with affordable prices. However, upon studying at Mandarin House for several months, I realized that I still wasn’t making a lot of progress with my spoken language. The classes were mostly composed of grammar lectures and vocabulary intro and repetition, so there was little time for me to put the grammar structures and said vocabulary into use.

It was frustrating. I could understand basic grammar and had memorized mountains of vocabulary, but I still felt unable to communicate. I also found that I was having a lot of trouble with tones, so even when I spoke, I was hardly understood.

At this point, I decided to part ways with Mandarin House and found another language school located in Suzhou called New Concept Mandarin (NCM). Upon meeting with Lisa, the NCM course advisor, I knew that I had found the language school best for my learning needs and was eager to begin my studies.wechatimg528.jpeg

An aspect I love about New Concept Mandarin is it’s learn-at-your-own-pace style, and it’s flipped learning approach to acquisition of language. Essentially, with New Concept Mandarin, I study the learning modules via video lesson at home. In this way, the lecture portion of the lesson happens independently and I can always re-watch the course lectures if I need to repeat anything or need extra practice before class.

As the vocabulary and grammar of each unit is learned at home, the valuable time spent in the classroom is used for speaking activities and practice, dialogue and conversation using the learned language. During class time, one can also ask any questions about the grammar and vocabulary learned in the at-home learning modules or pose questions about situations encountered in daily life.

My course instructor is very professional and always provides feedback regarding my performance in class and has helped me immensely with pronunciation. She has also given me tips for daily life and cultural insights into life in China. Every class brings new insights into life in China and I always leave class feeling a bit more fluent than the last.

As an NCM student, I can say that New Concept Mandarin provides a wholesome and multi-faceted approach which makes learning Mandarin easy and fun. There are not only video lectures for language learning, but also online practice and workbook practice. These useful tools have been more than helpful in facilitating my Mandarin learning experience.

Geared for success: with my study app and workbook, I can access course material anytime and anywhere! ^-^

During the progress of my course, I’m always getting feedback from my course instructor and am continually learning how to perfect my pronunciation and to sound more natural. I now feel more confident in Mandarin and after 3 months am already able to order food, have basic conversations with locals in Suzhou and am able to use the transportation tools available to me to get around China efficiently. I am looking forward to my future progress and intend to continue my study of Mandarin with New Concept Mandarin. At this point, I can’t imagine learning Chinese any other way!

By way of conclusion, learning Mandarin is an indispensable tool for any foreigner oriented towards China. Whether you are looking to live in China, do business in China or even learn more about Chinese culture, I recommend New Concept Mandarin as you embark on your language journey. They are professional and tailor classes to meet your needs and specific learning style. For those looking to become fluent, or even to have survival level skills in China, NCM is an indispensable resource and you will not be disappointed.