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Learn Mandarin Chinese Online: Private One-on-One Mandarin Tutors

Where to learn a new language from the comfort of your own home? Our private Mandarin Chinese tutors provide you with the best way to learn the language without physically travelling to a class. From beginner to advanced Chinese proficiency levels, Chinese tutorial classes can be held online making it possible for you to learn Chinese anytime, anywhere and at your own pace.

Improve your Mandarin with a certified tutor by New Concept Mandarin.
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Private Mandarin Chinese Class with a Live Tutor Online

Making Learning Mandarin Chinese Online Easy

Would you like to learn the Chinese language online, in the comfort of your own home? Participate in online Chinese tutorials from New Concept Mandarin and reap the benefits of our innovative Flipped Learning Approach . We know how rewarding it can be to learn a new language, whether it is for business use, before travelling or simply for personal achievement. Combining a range of teaching techniques that are delivered by experienced private Mandarin Chinese tutors online, we provide students the best way to learn Mandarin Chinese online and become proficient in the language in no time at all through our fantastic online Chinese tutorials.

Peter A learning HSK 3 online

Peter A started his Mandarin course online with us from zero. He is now doing HSK Level 3 online with his teacher Ling Sun who is based in Australia. With his permission, we publish this abstraction of his real class today (6 April 2020).

Fin F learning furniture in Chinese online

Fin studied Mandarin with Cherry C for two years. With his permission, we publish this abstraction of his live class today (3 April 2020).

What will you get for purchasing the following plan?

  • Learn Mandarin with Carefully Selected Chinese Tutors Online
  • Practice With Professional Private Chinese Tutors - Fun and Effective
  • All Private Mandarin Tutors are Professionally Trained - Native Speakers, Master′s or Bachelor′s Degree Holders
  • Save Time, Fits Your Schedule, Learn from Anywhere, 1 Hour or 1.5/2 Hours Per Class, Over Skype or Zoom
  • A Structured Course but Can Be Customized to Meet Personal Requirements
  • Abundant Chinese Video Lessons and Flash Movie Lessons plus Customized Course Materials
  • Easily Access Course Evaluation Feedback and Mandarin Level Assessment

Online Private One-to-one Chinese Tutorial Course Fees

10 lessons
Tutorial Class - Plan A
USD 300
Duration: 6 weeks
30 minutes per lesson
50 lessons
Tutorial Class - Plan B
USD 1,375
Duration: 18 weeks
30 minutes per lesson
100 lessons
Tutorial Class - Plan C
USD 2,500
Duration: 26 weeks
30 minutes per lesson
200 lessons
Tutorial Class - Plan D
USD 4,500
Duration: 52 weeks
30 minutes per lesson

If you do not have a credit card and prefer to transfer the fees in USD, HKD and RMB, please contact us.

Get my $1 Trial Lesson

For private Chinese classes with our live online tutors, we have a wide range of courses for your selection. With our professionally trained teachers your lessons will be customized to meet your specific needs.

Survival-Social Level (Beginner to Intermediate Level) Mandarin Course

For this course you can use all of our online video tutorials (Lesson 1-90), our Survival Level (Beginner Level) 1-3 & Social Level (Intermediate Level) 1-3 E-Books, and customized lesson handouts designed for adults who want to learn practical Mandarin quickly.

HSK Courses

If you would like to focus on HSK contents and/or plan to take HSK test, we have many expert HSK teachers to help you. For this course you can use our HSK Flashcards, Mock tests, HSK Textbooks and Workbooks.

Kids Programs

We have many private tutors who are specialized in helping kids with their Chinese learning online. Our kids’ programs are extremely popular for international school students in Hong Kong as well as overseas. We provide private online tutorials for different levels, including Kids Mandarin Course, IGCSE Chinese and IB Chinese A&B studies.

Professional Business Mandarin

For this course you can learn use Business Mandarin textbook at your Chinese level, our online Business Mandarin Videos and all customized courses contents to meet your specific business needs.

People think that Chinese is one of the hardest languages to learn. Studying with New Concept Mandarin helped me to acquire a solid knowledge of the Chinese language in a few months only. With the modular approach one can complete sessions at his/her own pace. At first, I was hesitant about the online concept of NCM, but it proved to perfectly fit into my working schedule, allowing for a very flexible learning approach. Julia Zhu and I studied together for 1.5 years and even achieved to reach the HSK 4 exam. I believe that by following NCM classes, one can not only build a solid understanding of the Chinese language, but also of its history and culture. I could have not wished for a better teacher and language learning concept. Thank you very much, NCM!

-- Daniela Victoria Grohmann, Medical doctor and Manager at Bayer AG

I have been taking online Mandarin courses with New Concept Mandarin for two years. Their teaching methods are very effective, the educational material are well designed, and their teachers are well trained. I also greatly appreciate their flexibility with class scheduling. I highly recommend New Concept Mandarin Online Mandarin.

-- Helene Liu

My experience with this Chinese course was the best! My teacher Julia is what they would call the bomb in America - she was awesome! Smart! And fun! New Concept Mandarin is not cheap but it was worth every dollar I spent. I can’t wait to sign up for my next set of lessons.

-- Ron Henderson

My daughter, Kallie has been taking online Chinese lessons with New Concept Mandarin for nine months. Before we signed her up, we were nervous that she wouldn’t like the lessons and want to quit. We have been happily surprised! Kallie looks forward to her lessons each week! And she has learned so much Chinese.

-- Julie Kuch

NCM is more than a normal language training center that you may waste your time at. This company is dedicated to find the easiest and most practical way to learn Chinese. Teacher Julia in the online videos is awesome. Her way of explanation is simple which makes it easy to grasp the information without you even notice.

-- Louay

Why Choose Our Private Mandarin Tutorial Classes?

While there are books out there that are aimed at helping you learn Chinese, often they simply neither provide the materials nor support your needs to fully grasp the language. Learning Chinese with our private one-on-one online tutors, students get the attention they need and will be able to understand and practice Chinese online in a wide range of real-life situations. We are able to provide a quality solution that is convenient too with our Mandarin Online courses. Simply log on to a computer or a mobile device to get started with one of our private Mandarin tutors online.

Learn Chinese the fast and easy way with proven Flipped Learning Approach. To learn more about our solutions, please get in touch with us today!

Are you in Hong Kong and would like to learn Chinese face-to-face?

New Concept Mandarin offers qualified Mandarin tutors with its courses in Hong Kong. We invite you to find out more.

 If you are interested, we also offer face-to-face Cantonese classes in Hong Kong. Learn more now.