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IGCSE – CIE & Edexcel Chinese Courses

The IGCSE Chinese Test Preparation Course is designed for students who are going to take the Cambridge IGCSE Chinese and Edexcel GCSE Chinese Tests. A pre-course IGCSE Mandarin Chinese level assessment will be made to identify the areas that the student needs to improve most. Our IGCSE Chinese tutors in HK will customize the Mandarin course contents to meet the specific needs of the student. All our Chinese teachers at New Concept Mandarin will ensure that the test preparation course helps students to achieve both Mandarin Chinese proficiency and the best possible scores in their IGCSE Chinese exam. We also offer several Chinese classes in Hong Kong that improve your language proficiency.

  • Pronunciation
  • Vocabulary
  • Grammar
  • Reading
  • Listening
  • Speaking
  • Writing
  • Test Tips
IGCSE - CIE & Edexcel Chinese Courses

Why Should I Take IGCSE/GCSE Chinese?

Taking IGCSE or GCSE Mandarin Chinese offers students many benefits and prospects. Firstly, IGCSE/GCSE Chinese gives students a solid base for applying their language skills, enabling them with useful vocabulary to use in both everyday and business scenarios. It allows younger learners to get a good grasp of Chinese, whether they are learning it as a foreign language or as a first language wishing to further develop their proficiency and cultural understanding.

As Mandarin is also one of the most widely spoken languages worldwide, taking IGCSE/GCSE Chinese greatly enhances one's opportunities and employability, giving you the means to communicate with a larger network of people globally.

Finally, the IGCSE and GCSE curricula are globally recognized qualifications, which can further boost a student's chances of getting hired if you achieve proficient grades.

How Can New Concept Mandarin Help Me with My IGCSE Chinese Exams?

At New Concept Mandarin, we are proud to have:

  • 500+ video lessons on our platform
  • 1M+ views from around the world
  • 30K+ students successfully tutored
  • 100+ experienced teachers

We prioritize a Flipped Learning Approach which has been developed in-house. This approach focuses on students' specific goals and needs, finding the best way for you to learn on your own terms. We understand that learning multiple subjects can be stressful, especially when it comes to exam periods. This is why our experienced Chinese tutors at New Concept Mandarin in HK want to make the learning process easier for you, by providing you with the appropriate revision materials and personalized support to help you achieve great results on your IGCSE/GCSE Mandarin Chinese exams.

IGCSE Chinese Resources for Free Downloading

IGCSE Mandarin Chinese Learning Materials Download

(All the materials are from Cambridge International Examinations)