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Identify Your Chinese Learning Style

Know yourself! You may have heard of different learning styles like visual, auditory, kinaesthetic, and more. They capture learners’ strengths which help them learn and retain new information more effectively. For instance, some learn better by seeing, some remember better by hearing, and some master new knowledge by touching and sensing. What kind of learner are you and how can you learn Mandarin Chinese from scratch effectively in Hong Kong? Find out your learning style by completing our questionnaire so that we can customize the best Chinese and Mandarin classes for you!


Cherry Chen
Students Say...
"We have found the courses excellent, Cherry a wonderful teacher and the online materials extremely useful too."
"We have had very good feedback from the group class participants on the classes and content. Thank you Cherry for helping us achieve that."
Shirley Zhou
Students Say...
"I hope to continue with Shirley as she has been an excellent teacher."
"Shirley was really great and very helpful with our kids. The class has helped my kid to have better ratings at the school."
Jun Zhao
Students Say...
"I have a great teacher, Jun. I appreciate her for being very patient and positive with me. She is also very friendly."
"I wish to thank my teacher, Ms. Jun, which is an amazing teacher, has lots of patience and is highly experienced in making things simple."
Freya Hou
Students Say...
"I'm happy with the course method and Freya, she is a talented teacher with a lot of patience."
"Freya is quite excellent and I would like to continue my study. I am indeed enjoying my Mandarin learning."
Winny Wen
Students Say...
"The course was great; I really enjoyed the classes and Winny is an excellent teacher."
"I'd like to express my big thanks and appreciation to Winny who has been a great tutor over the past year which is a key contributing factor to the progress that my son has made and his motivation too."
Jeffrey Li
Students Say...
"I'm enjoying my class with Jeffrey very much."
"Jeffrey Li obtained his MA degree in Applied Linguistics from Hong Kong Metropolitan University and BA degree in English. He speaks very standard Mandarin and has worked as a Mandarin host and anchor in mainland China."

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13th Floor, Fortune House, 61 Connaught Road Central, Hong Kong.

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Learn Chinese Your Way in Hong Kong and Around the World

At New Concept Mandarin, we offer structured curriculums of Chinese language learning at all levels, with
personalized Chinese tutorial materials including:

Find out more about why both our in-person and online Chinese courses are among the most popular for those seeking to learn Mandarin Chinese across the world. We offer the best Mandarin language courses in locations, such as Hong Kong, Mainland China, Singapore, Australia and the USA.

Flexibility in class scheduling

Private or group class

Customized course materials

Effective learning results

24/7 anytime, anywhere

Learn Chinese at your own pace

Useful learning tools

Budget-friendly plans

We have developed an exclusive, student-centered 'Flipped Learning' model that enables students to internalize Chinese learning and achieve 3 times better learning results than in traditional lecture-based classrooms. The use of our self-published coursebooks, interactive Mandarin video tutorials and education tools all help learners acquire Chinese effectively.

Our Flipped Learning model means Chinese language learning does not just start and stop with lectures at New Concept Mandarin. Instead, you can continue your Mandarin Chinese language study on your own terms! How? By watching our video tutorials and reviewing the lesson contents online on our website or with our iPhone/iPad apps anywhere, anytime.

Learn Chinese with Experienced Teachers in Hong Kong, Mainland China, Singapore, and More

Learn Chinese with Experienced Teachers in Hong Kong, Mainland China, and More

Learn Chinese with Experienced Tutors

All our teachers are carefully selected and professionally trained.


Always well prepared, our tutors help you effectively achieve

the learning objectives for each Chinese language lesson.


With high energy levels in class, our teachers truly understand how to inspire and

motivate you to learn Mandarin in a meaningful way.


They empathize with how challenging it can be to learn Chinese languages,

and adjust their teaching pace and methods accordingly to cater to your learning style.

Learn Chinese In-Person and Online at New Concept Mandarin’s Dedicated School

If you have any enquiries, please don’t hesitate to contact us today!

Chinese learner get certificate

My experience at New Concept Mandarin (NCM) was amazing! I was highly impressed by the teaching method, the teacher, and the learning materials. The online videos were extremely helpful and allowed me to make progress faster than I have ever expected. I tried a few other Mandarin schools, but NCM is the best!

I would highly recommend this Mandarin school to anyone interested in studying Chinese. It is really fun and once you overcome the initial shock, it is not as difficult as one might think.

Lawyer from Israel

Yoram Woliner

An aspect I love about New Concept Mandarin is it's learn-at-your-own-pace style, and it's flipped learning approach to the acquisition of language. Essentially, with New Concept Mandarin, I study the learning modules via video lessons at home. In this way, the lecture portion of the lesson happens independently, and I can always re-watch the course lectures if I need to repeat anything or need extra practice before class.

Amanda Barrows

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