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Established in 2000, New Concept Mandarin specializes in teaching Mandarin Chinese in Hong Kong and the rest of the world. We provide the best Mandarin courses to both business executives and individual students with our own unique teaching methods, in-house developed course materials, and advanced learning tools. We are pleased to be selected and recognized as top training company in Hong Hong 2023 by MANAGE HR.

'Flipped Learning'
– the Concept of Learning Chinese faster

We have developed an exclusive, student-centered 'Flipped Learning' model that enables students to internalize Chinese learning and achieve 3 times better learning results than in traditional lecture-based classrooms. The use of our self-published coursebooks, interactive Mandarin video tutorials and education tools all help learners acquire Chinese effectively.

Learn Chinese Approach
Identifying Your Learning Style

Identify Your Chinese Learning Style

Know yourself! You may have heard of different learning styles like visual, auditory, kinaesthetic, and more. They capture learners’ strengths which help them learn and retain new information more effectively. For instance, some learn better by seeing, some remember better by hearing, and some master new knowledge by touching and sensing. What kind of learner are you and how can you learn Mandarin Chinese from scratch effectively in Hong Kong? Find out your learning style by completing our questionnaire so that we can customize the best Chinese and Mandarin classes for you!

Chinese Courses to Suit You

We provide a selection of courses tailored for different learning objectives and ages. Whether you want to learn Chinese for business or personal use, in-person or online, there is always a suitable class for you. Some of our most popular classes can be found below.

Mandarin Course Book

Mandarin Tailored Curriculums

Each of our courses can be tailored to meet your specific needs.

For example we have developed a business Chinese curriculums for professionals who need to understand the Chinese language for use in meetings, negotiations and other business environments.

We have assisted many large companies and organizations in developing personalized in-house training to assist their staff to confidently talk about their company's products and services in Chinese in their day-to-day business operations.

So whether you are a beginner or an existing student, whether you are learning Chinese for business or just for personal use, our teachers can tailor their lesson plans to suit your experience level and desired outcomes.

Mandarin Materials

Participation in each of these courses gives you access to an experienced teacher and helpful Chinese Learning Resources. You may also wish to use our Chinese Video Lessons, Chinese Learning Apps and other Online Chinese Learning Tools to help you during the course.

Online Chinese Class or In-person Chinese Class

Every courses can be delivered in-person or online. Learn about our increasingly popular Online Chinese Courses or instead choose to be guided by our teacher via In-person Learning.

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Most Popular Chinese Lessons

We offer a wide range of Chinese courses based on the learners' needs and requirements. Tell us what you want to learn, we will make a customized course for you. The following is a list of the most popular Chinese lessons.

Learn Chinese in HK?

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Where to Learn Mandarin?

You can either take your Chinese class in your place or in our Mandarin school in Central. You can also learn online.

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