Help Kids Learn Chinese

More kids are learning Chinese and the parents are facing a wrenching question: How to help my kids learn Chinese? Here are 4 tips to make your kids love learning Chinese and learn Chinese better.

1. Start Simple
Let your kids begin with 一, 二, 三(1,2,3 in Chinese) as A, B, C when you learn English. The sounds and characters of Chinese numbers are simple, thus it should be a good start.(See how the numbers can be taught in a fun way.) You can move on to simple Chinese words, simple phrases and then simple sentences step by step.

2. Keep Them Interested
The saying “interest is the best teacher” is so true in learning Chinese. Therefore you need to keep your kids interested in learning Chinese. Show your own love of Chinese and your kids will imitate you. Put Chinese books around home, speak Chinese to your kids. An effective way to learn and memorize anything is through singing. Pop in a CD of Chinese songs while you are driving with your kids and you will be surprised your kids would be singing along in no time at all.

3. Practice Makes Perfect
As is well known, practice makes perfect. Encourage your child to use his Chinese, and make it clear that he does not have to be embarrassed by mistakes. Many children are afraid of looking silly, but the only way to become fluent in Chinese is to speak it a lot. Practice with your kids. It does not matter what you do, reading books, singing songs or baking cookies, as long as you do it all in Chinese.

4. Ask a Professional Teacher for Help
It is difficult for kids to concentrate on one thing. The teacher plays the role of holding their attention. Your kids can learn Chinese with peers. Find out a Kids Chinese program and ask to see the curriculum.
Children are like sponges. They are very quick to pick up, absorb and learn things. Just let your kids have fun learning Chinese!

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