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Great Apps for Chinese Learning

Are you suffering from making a decision for which App to use for learning Chinese? Among hundreds of options you may get lost without having an idea of what you are looking for. So what to consider?

Content: Firstly make sure you are heading for a certain area of Mandarin Chinese. With Chinese learning, there are usually simple dialogues for daily life. Business Mandarin is on the top of the list as well.

Usability: Try free version(if there is one) to see whether this language learning App is developed way better than a dull vocabulary list without a radio.

Levels: Well designed Chinese learning App must have been graded. Choose one correspond to your level.

Here are some Chinese learning Apps that you should consider adding to your tool belt. All prices listed are in U.S. dollars.

Chinese Video Course 1-3

Price: $29.99 per each

(View in Chinese, Pinyin or English)

New Concept Mandarin’s Survival Chinese Video Course is designed to teach Survival Mandarin from the very beginning. The video course teaches Survival Mandarin communication skills in a total of 90 quality lessons.

Chinese Video Course 1

Survival 1 Course includes ten topics: numbers, money, politeness, courtesy, introduction, job, yourself, question, Mandarin and time. Upon completing this level, you should be able to talk with native Mandarin speakers in many “survival situations”.

Basic Survival Mandarin 2

Called Basic Survival Mandarin, the video course teaches Survival Mandarin communication skills in a total of 30 lessons. The teacher helps guide the viewer through the lessons to emphasize and teach survival words, phrases and grammar and then help guide the viewer through the teaching process, one topic at a time.

Chinese Video Course 3

Survival 3 focus on eight topics: food and drinks, entertaining guests, eating at a restaurant, entertainment, daily Life, shopping, living in China and feelings. Upon completion of this course, learners are able to satisfy everyday transactional needs and limited social needs, using the conversational Chinese that they have been learning.

In this structured curriculum, survival words, phrases, sentences and grammar are taught in an easy-to-follow and effective way. Each video lesson comes with review activities including vocabulary, dialogue and test to help you to consolidate what you have learned.



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