Private Chinese Class & Group Chinese Class, Which Is Better?

Usually when it comes to Chinese learning course, people have to choose from group classes and private ones. How to make a decision as they both have their advantages and disadvantages? Here is an analysis of these two types of lessons for your reference.

Private Chinese Class: for who prefers to be the only student.

Private class is for students who don’t worry about money and feel comfortable to have one on one class. A student gets all teacher’s attention and his/her classes are high-intensively organized which means a lot more study pressure in some ways. You’ll be pushed harder as you have to focus on class for like 1 or 2 hours.

Some say that you learn more efficiently in private class as it is customer-tailored course. That’s true because the teacher is well prepared for your level and is ready for your questions anytime.

Group Chinese Class:

Most of students choosing group Chinese class took tuition fee into consideration. Such courses are cheaper and you’ll find it relaxing if you are not so used to one on one class. One of the advantages is that you get partners while studying so you help each other with study as you discuss and practice with other students in your own level. And it is also true that in group class, partners watch each other and, of course, maintain their will of study especially between couples.

It’s hard to tell which type of class is better as it really depends on student’s need, personality, financial condition and preference. In a word, it is better when it suits you.

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