Give a Presentation in Chinese

Yes you are right. This is an article about how to give a presentation in Chinese. It sounds ridiculous because you might be an expert since high school. But today what we are talking is to give a presentation not only in Chinese mandarin, also in Chinese way.

So you are already up on the stage. After your make sure the slides do work and clear your throat, how do you begin?

Like the common structure of your other presentation. You would firstly say Hi, “大家好,我是**( dà jiā hǎo,wǒ shì **)”Good morning/afternoon everyone, my name is **. If you are new to people, introduce yourself by giving interesting take away message. If you want to make business with someone in China, you should probably introduce your family, share your education experience, list some results you achieved in your business, etc, letting people get to know you.

The topic 主题(zhǔ tí) of your presentation should be clear like in other languages. Let’s talk more about content内容(nèi rónɡ). Design of the slides could be a little changed as reading and recognizing Chinese characters is much faster than western characters so you could put some stuff on it but not too much. Reading word by word what was written on the slides is considered bad practice in China as well.

It is very important to understand that in China everything is related to relations关系(ɡuān xi). You cannot do something without relations in China. At the end of your presentation, it is necessary to show gratitude towards those people who had helped you. Here are some basic rules:

  • Show pictures of people you worked together with
  • Show pictures of groups while you organized events
  • Show pictures of the panels that run events
  • Show your partners (for business not only clients but also people you are buying from or working together with in general)

When you are done, it’s common to leave your contact data if you want to communicate with more people. Remember Twitter and Facebook are blocked in China. Use QQ or Wechat.

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