Writing Chinese Characters Is Hard for Chinese People?

You might have heard of “English-Language Spelling Bees” program from US. Actually we also have a similar TV program named “Chinese Characters Dictation Competition” in China. You must be shocked. What? Why? Really? Writing Chinese characters is hard for Chinese people?

The contestants from secondary schools all over China are required to write down the Chinese characters after hearing the words. I also test myself when I watch this program. It makes me feel so ashamed that I just realize there are so many Chinese characters that I don’t know. Let me ask you. How to write “toad” in Chinese? And how to write “cricket”? You are confused, right?

How could this happen? I think that’s because people now rely too much on computer, mobile phone, Ipad and many other electronic equipment to type in Chinese instead of hand writing.

As one of the most spectacular treasures of Chinese civilization and the fifth big invention the Chinese people have given to humanity, Chinese characters should not be abandoned. I guess Chinese people need to take Chinese lessons to study their own language.

For foreigners, please do not be afraid of Chinese characters while you are studying Mandarin. Actually the symbol is unique and graphic and is more helpful for your memory than Pinyin.

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