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I am Cindy, an online Chinese teacher in NCM. My classes are creative and full of fun. It brings me great pleasure when my students learn a lot and communicate fluently in Chinese. So if you want to learn Chinese and make new friends join our NCM family!

I always say to my students, “Take every chance to practice your Chinese and don’t be afraid of making mistakes”.

Last week when one of my students Jean were having class with me, we played a game to make sentences with “没有(méi yǒu)and不(bù)”. He wanted to express that he won’t  go to Shanghai next week and he said,

“xià zhōu, wǒ méi yǒu qù shàng hǎi.

下   周, 我 没 有 去  上  海。”

I explained to him that 没有(méi yǒu) couldn’t be used here, because it express the negative meaning of the past. It happens in future, how cloud it happens in past at the same time? It made him laugh. Now he learns to use the word 不 to express the negative meaning for right now and in the future. And he could tell the exactly differences between 不(bù)and 没有(méi yǒu). Just as he said

“wǒ zhè zhōu mò bù gōng zuò.

我 这  周   末 不  工   作。”

I’m not working this weekend.

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