A Teacher's Story

Hey everyone, Yogurt here. I am an online Chinese teacher in New Concept Mandarin.

I am very into teaching Chinese and I hope my students learn Chinese step by step. After they fully understand the knowledge that we have learned, I will begin with new lesson  because I think one of the language learning rule is to repeat. I have a reviewing part before each class so my students can strongly remember everything. One of my students , Andrew ,he accepts new words quickly but he also forget them quickly. That’s why I review the words and sentences before opening the new lesson. Even though sometimes it seems to be boring, it is in fact useful for him. Now he can remember things deeply, even sometimes he can tell the words before I ask. For example, he never forgets the meaning of season in Chinese-- jì jié (季节). And sometimes , if he cannot remember the word , I will give him tips. We know the Starbucks Coffee in Chinese is xīnɡ bā kè(星巴克) but Chinese youngsters always call xīnɡ bā kè(星巴克) as xīnɡ bà bɑ(星爸爸). It is often easy to remember if the word has another meaning which you know. Next time when I asked about the meaning of Starbucks ,he answered correctly. By the way, he knows that star is xīng(星).

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