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Why Are Online Schools Becoming So Popular?

When New Concept Mandarin started flipped learning program, Rebecca Heron took action, enrolled herself in the Mandarin online courses immediately. And now in about a year, she’s already speaking quite good Chinese. “It opens my schedule. I no longer have to rush to the classroom everyday after work. With advancements in technology, all I have to do is turn on my computer, no matter the time of day, and begin learning.” she said.

Nowadays online schools have become an increasingly popular way to pursue education. And here below are a few top reasons why it’s happening.

  1. It’s flexible.

Many people who participate in online schooling do so because of the flexibility it provides in relation to all of the other responsibilities in their life. For a high school student, taking a course with an online school may allow for more time spent on the athletic fields, or more attention spent on band practice or student government. For adults, working may be a priority on a day-to-day basis, meaning their studying takes place at home during the evening hours.

  1. It’s on your time.

Competency has always been measured according to the teacher’s stopwatch, meaning students in the classroom are assessed based on how well they are able to retain the information within the time allotted. With online schooling, however, the student holds the stopwatch. And because online schools allow a student the ability to learn at their own pace, this can lead to a greater level of comprehension.

  1. It’s relevant

In a world dominated by technology — iPads, iPhones, Kindles and more — it only makes sense that people are turning to online schools for education. And because technology, it’s crucial that the education system you choose is able to keep up. Another inviting aspect of online schooling is the endless potential of learning opportunities available to a student. Where a traditional high school or college may not offer a niche course, an online school can likely step in to fill the void.

We can’t say definitely online schools work better for all students, but it’s an option that works really well for a lot of people. By giving students more choices, that creates a better learning environment. And It provides students with a chance to work on their time management skills, to learn with new technology and become more of a self-directed learner.

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