Memorizing Chinese with English Names

Funny tricks are never too few for learning a language. I am Lizzie. And my student Jenny and I are open to all kinds of methods remembering words during Chinese learning.

When we first met each other Jenny found that 很高兴见你(hěn gāo xìng jiàn nǐ)Nice to meet you has some part familiar with her name. She was so clever a girl who later made this sentence like 很高兴Jenny. We laugh each time come across this sentence. I guess if you are not too serious you could have more or less done something like these. We later found more of them. I don’t want to take a beating sounds like 我不想Ada(wǒ bù xiǎng Ada). Ben+Dan sounds exactly the same with 笨蛋(bèn dàn) the fool. Speaking of business situation, assistant 助理(zhù lǐ) in Chinese could be remembered as Julie.

Jenny is a girl full of imagination. She helps both of us learning and teaching. I encourage more language learners to conduct this kind of method as it is effective and interesting.

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