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冷(lěng)! It's freezing cold!

Did you check weather forecast? It seems half China is snowing recently. There are always several days in winter when you feel really freezing, the only things you want to do is wearing thick coats or stay in bed.

If you feel like describing these kinds of cold weather in various ways, what can you say? I am going to share some practical and interesting Mandarin words.

  1. Cold 冷(lěng It’s really cold tonight. 今天晚上真冷。(jīntiān wǎnshàng zhēnlěng)
  2. Cool 凉(liángEg. The water is cool. 水是凉的。(shuǐ shì liángde)
  3. Crisp 干冷(gānlěngEg. It’s a crisp autumn day. 这是一个干冷的秋天。(zhèshì yígè gānlěngde qiūtiān)
  4. Frosty 结霜(jiéshuāngEg. The ground is frosty. 地面结霜了。(dìmiàn jiéshuāngle)
  5. Icy 冰冷(bīnglěngEg. The water is icy cold. 水是冰冷的。(shuǐ shì bīnglěngde)
  6. Freezing 冻僵了(dòngjiāngleEg. We are freezing because the heating is not working. 我们冻僵了因为暖气坏了。(wǒmen dòngjiāngle yīnwèi nuǎnqì huàile)
  7. Freezing cold 冻成狗(dòngchénggǒu Literally it means “as cold as a dog”, it’s a very funny expression.

Eg. I just wanna stay at home in this freezing cold day. 在这冻成狗的天气,我只想宅在家里。(zài zhè dòngchénggǒude tiānqì,wǒ zhǐxiǎng zháizài jiālǐ)

After writing this article, I feel even colder. So do you like winter 冬天(dōng tiān)? Now you can talk to your friends about cold weather using these new words.

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