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照片?照骗!(zhào piàn? zhào piàn!)

- How to use Chinese Beauty Camera App

Have you heard the news about a netizen beating his online date first time they met in person? The reason is she didn’t look as beautiful as on the pictures she posted before. It seems that over-edited photos became a real headache nowadays.

After the appearance of a variety of  mobile editing software, most of these photos became flattering, thus a brand new word “照骗(zhào piàn)” appeared to mock these unreal pictures. Photo in Chinese is “照片(zhào piàn)” , and 骗(piàn)means “to lie” , that is to imply these photos are just fake images. A touch can taper your jaw. It can slim your cheeks, widen your eyes. of course, it can make you thinner.

To make one good “照骗(zhào piàn)”, one can hardly do without the help of genius selfie-editing app called Meitu, filters and some other skills, today I will share some helpful Mandarin Chinese words with you about using this Chinese beauty camera app.


1.filter 滤镜lǜ jìng

There is a filter that makes your picture look better.

有一个可以让你的照片看起来更好的滤镜。(yǒu yī gè kě yǐ ràng nǐ de zhào piàn kàn qǐ lái gèng hǎo de lǜ jìng)

2.beautify 美颜(měi yán

Did you beautify this selfie?

这张自拍你美颜了吗?(zhè zhāng zì pāi nǐ měi yán le ma)

3.touch up 修饰(xiū shì

Some tools can help people touch up photos.

一些工具可以帮助人们修饰照片。(yī xiē gōng jù kě yǐ bāng zhù rén men xiū shì zhào piàn)

4.smooth 磨皮(mó pí

Use this app to smooth your skin in the photo.

用这个软件给你这张照片磨皮。(yòng zhè gè ruǎn jiàn gěi nǐ zhè zhāng zhào piàn mó pí)

5.whiten 美白(měi bái

I use this tool to whiten my selfies.

我用这个软件美白我的自拍。(wǒ yòng zhè gè ruǎn jiàn měi bái wǒ de zì pāi)

6.brighten 提亮(tí liàng

I  have learned an easy way to brighten pictures。

我学会了一种提亮照片的新方法。(wǒ xué huì le yī zhǒng tí liàng zhào piàn de xīn fāng fǎ)

7.bokeh 背景虚化(bèi jǐng xū huà

This word came from Japanese, which means “a blur background in image”.

You can emphasize your subject with a bokeh background。

你可以用背景虚化来强调主体。(nǐ kě yǐ tōng guò bèi jǐng xū huà lái qiáng diào zhǔ tǐ)

Now, when you know to what circumstances over-edited photos can lead, you should think for yourself if you want to share it. But at least now you know how to ask your Chinese friends to help you with editing!

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