Easy Chinese Characters - 下(xià)

Hi, There! In this mini Mandarin lesson, I am going to teach you some of basic Chinese Characters you may use during your stay in China.

It is not really difficult to learn Chinese characters, because many basic Chinese characters were actually visual representations of concrete things and objects. Such as fire 火, tree 木, and the mountain 山.  The Character “Shàng” (上) we have learned last time is also one of these kinds. Today, the character we are going to learn is the opposite of“Shàng” (上), which is “xià” (下) meaning “down and below”.   Looking at the character on the poker card, you may find it looks like something falling below the horizon. We need another word such as “qù” (去)to make it a phrase. So “xià qu” (下去)means “go down”.

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