Chinese Buzzword: 颜值 (yánzhí) The Prettiness Index

Chinese Buzzword-颜值

chinese buzzword yanzhi

颜值 (yánzhí): the literal meaning is the value of a person’s face, but in this instance, we use it to mean the rating of how attractive someone’s face is. Literally, “颜(yán)” is an ancient Chinese of “脸(Liǎn)”, which means “face”, and “值(zhí)” stands for “value”. The hot phrase “yán zhí”is used to indicate a person's level of attractiveness, referring specifically to the face, in other words, the extent of good-looking.


颜值高 (yánzhí gāo): pretty, handsome, stunning.

Chinese: 新来的实习生颜值很高。

Pinyin: Xīn lái de shíxí shēng yán zhí hěn gāo.

English: The new intern is really good-looking.


Not only for men or women, you can also use it to describe that something looks really pretty.

Chinese: 我买它就是因为颜值高。

Pinyin: Wǒ mǎi tā, jiùshì yīnwèi yán zhí gāo.

English: I bought it, because it looks so pretty.

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