The Problems and Good Things about Learning Chinese in China

Problems with learning Chinese in China:

  1. A lot of people speak English. The urgency for learning Chinese is reduced because you can usually find English-speaking people who will help you accomplish whatever it is you need to do.
  2. People want to practice their English at you. Strangers would ambush you and bludgeon you in the ears with a loud “Where are you come from!?”
  3. There aren’t very many resources in the common bookstores for foreigners learning Chinese. Just count how many dictionaries have pinyin in them. Almost all the text books want to teach foreigners how to write Hanzi and that, is a good project to start after one is fluent with speaking and listening.

So, does that mean you really don’t need to speak Chinese in China? Of course not, unless whenever you need something to be done, there is someone with good enough English and an eagerness to practice it that will be willing to help you do it.

Then, the good thing about learning Chinese in China:

  1. The second language environment.

The environment does help with motivation (e.g. “I really want to learn Chinese so I can talk to that guy right there”). It is better to learn Chinese in China than in a classroom in an America campus because the probability that you’ll be able to apply what you’ve learned is higher.

  1. Professional teachers to help you.

It’s more convenient to find good institutions and great professionals to help you with your Chinese. Great teachers and resources effectively help you achieve faster learning results.

In the meantime, some institutions offer learning solutions that will cater to your needs,to get the best results. Like us in New Concept Mandrin, we combine face-to-face learning with video tutorials, interactive software and online learning tools. From the busy executive to the private individual, our students come from all around the world and all walks of life. So no matter where you are, Whether you study Chinese online or in the classroom, you may find learning Chinese fun and rewarding.

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