How Do You Say Discount in Mandairn Chinese?

Hi, everyone! Welcome to our Mandarin class again!

In previous programs, we talked about some basic Mandarin phrases for bargaining, like “tài guì le”( too expensive ) or” pián yi yì diǎn”( could you lower the price?)

Today, let us learn another useful Chinese word when you go shopping. It is discount. In Mandarin Chinese, discount is “dǎ zhé”(打折). To make it a question, is there any discount? You could simply add “ma” at the end, so it is “dǎ zhě ma”. Putting “ma” at the end makes a sentence into a yes or no question. Like “Nǐ hǎo ma?” (Are you good?)  “dǎ zhé ma” (any discount?).

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