How Do You Say Interesting in Mandarin Chinese?

Hi, everyone!

In today’s Mandarin class program, we are going to talk about two interesting phrases which are “interesting and not interesting”. In Mandarin Chinese, “interesting” is “yǒu yì si” and “not interesting, boring” is “ méi yì si”.  Sometimes, people say interesting “yǒu yì si” to reply something which is actually not that interesting. It’s like when you hear English speakers say interesting to express something is boring in a subtle way. Therefore, when you hear someone says “yǒu yì si” to what  you say. Be careful. Perhaps you have made others bored.

Phrases for today:

  1. “yǒu yì si” 有意思 interesting
  2. “méi yì si” 没意思 Boring, not interesting

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