Is It a Better Way to Learn Chinese?

When it comes to language learning, almost everyone has experienced moments they ran into obstacles. It is not an easy thing for a person to endure the endless period of time remembering new words and phrases, both pronunciation and meanings. There are some tactful methods which came out of your mind in the middle of being tortured. These unconventional methods which are entertaining and funny help a lot throughout language learning. And is it possible to make it a permanent, reliable way?

The inspiration came from your mother language as you can totally master it. Take a Chinese as an example, when learning English, for pronunciation he makes notes like Thank you.– 三克油(sānkèyóu), Good morning.– 古德毛宁(ɡǔdémáonínɡ) and Oh my God.– 偶买嘎(ǒumǎiɡā). At the same time people started to call facebook 脸书(liǎnshū) and Nicki Minaj 麻辣鸡(málàjī). For other languages popular sayings are: สวัสดีครับ-sawatdeekrab(Hello.) in Thai is taken as 刷我的卡(shuāwǒdekǎ). In Korean, 알았어-a la se(I get it.) is 啊拉嗦(ālāsuō).

Conversely, Chinese learners with different mother languages would think of the same thing. There are funny ways of pronunciation like Knee How Ma for 你好吗(nǐ hǎo mɑ) - How are you. And Book Itchy for 不客气(búkèqi) – You’re welcome.

More people are conducting this method and find it useful. And for other people who are taking Chinese courses they’d prefer learning pronunciation rules systematically. It is Ok you choose to learn one language or a couple of expressions in such a method. It might be reliable which depends on your needs.

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