Advices for Expat Teachers to Learn Mandarin Chinese

Mandarin Chinese is a complex language to study. An English speaker may find it hard to distinguish the tones. A Japanese would face obstacle while curling his tongue. To most non Chinese-speaking citizens, Chinese characters are more like tattoos. For foreign teachers in China, study Chinese not only benefits their lives, also helps with their job.

If you are a new comer, while adapting the surrounding you can begin with mastering the basics. Get familiar with the 4 tones. Memorize useful vocabulary and phrases, such as numbers.

After you get basic survival skill, try to immerse yourself in the language. Firstly, get a Mandarin-speaking friend. A student or colleague surely can help you with practice. Secondly, pay more attention to social media as well as various resources like films and music. Thirdly, take a trip when you have spare time to know different culture and dialects linked to Mandarin. Lastly, consider signing up for a Chinese Course for Expat Teachers in China. If you are used to traditional classroom learning, just choose a face-to-face Chinese course to systematically study Mandarin Chinese. Or an Online Video Course might be preferred if you are good at self-study.

As an expat teacher, you have advantages like favorable environment and more free time. Don’t be too harsh on yourself. Learning a language is a gradual process and Mandarin Chinese is a rich treasure for everyone to develop. So take your time.

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