Squeeze Time to Study Chinese like Facebook CEO

Many Chinese learners complain that they are too busy to find time to study Chinese. You really do not have time to study Chinese or you just have not tried hard to find time to do it?

You must have heard about Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook founder and CEO. People are surprised by his efforts to master the Chinese language, which he described as “very challenging”.

Confucius said the superior man puts all his energy into everything he does. If Mark Zuckerberg can figure out a way to spare time to learn Chinese and keeps on working hard, so should you!

Most of my students are really busy people, too. Some of them have to travel to three different countries in one week. Some of them only have 20 minutes of lunch break. Some of them are learning 4 languages. Some of them have 5 kids to take care of. However, they, like Mark Zuckerberg, squeeze time to study Chinese. Review the lessons when waiting at the airport. Take a one-hour class with the teacher during the lunch break. Get up one hour earlier to meet the Chinese teacher online. Practice the new words written on the flash cards on the fridge while washing dishes.

They are busy with work and life and they enjoy learning Chinese more because they are using every precious minute.

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