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How to Say No Way in Mandarin Chinese?

In English “No way.” refers to the thoughts that you believe there is no possibility for something to happen. While in Chinese Mandarin, this expression could be translated according to different situations. Here is an example:

I know I owe you 200 yuan. But could you be kind and lend me more 100?

我知道我欠你200 元。但是你能不能行行好再借我 100?

(wǒ zhī dào wǒ qiàn nǐ 200 yuán.dàn shì nǐ néng bu néng háng háng hǎo zài jiè wǒ 100?)

No way!

没门!(méi mén!)


没(méi) refers to “there is not” or “no”. 门(mén) is the door. Therefore, when someone made an unreasonable request, 没门!(méi mén ) literally means no way or even “Don’t you ever think about it”.

Another example:

You won the lottery.

你中了彩票。(nǐ zhōng le cǎi piào.)

No way!

不可能! (bù kě néng!)


Hearing something unbelievable we do not usually respod with 没门(méi mén). In here, no way means impossible-不可能! (bù kě néng).

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