How to Say How Much Is a Cup of Tea in Mandarin Chinese

Hi, everyone! Here are today’s Mandarin phrases.

  1. How much is a cup of tea?

Yì bēi chá duō shǎo qián? 一杯茶多少钱?

Some other common beverages in Mandarin:

  1. Kā fēi         咖啡              Coffee
  2. Kě lè         可乐               Coke
  3. Pí jiǔ         啤酒               Beer
  4. Hóng jiǔ  红酒               Red wine
  5. Bái pútáojiǔ 白葡萄酒     White wine

Have you thought about why white wine is not " Bái jiǔ"?  We will talk about next time.

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