How to Say of Course in Mandarin Chinese?

Hi there,

Being lack of vocabulary? Many of us would feel that way learning another language. This time let’s meet another word for situation needs to be confirmed.  Other than telling people shì de是的 or duì对, be more confident and say dāng rán当然: of course!

As an adverb modifying verbs, it works the same as “of course” in English.

For example:

  1. zuò zài nǐ páng biān de nán shēng shì nǐ nán péng you


Is that boy sitting next to you your boy friend?

   dāng rán.



  1. nǐ xǐ huan wǒ de lǐ wù ma


Do you like my present?

   dāng rán xǐ huan!


Of course I do!

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