Real Experiences of Taking HSK Tests

Preparing for HSK is quite similar to other exams.

You should try out the exam structure and questions in advance. Do at least 1 mock exam, but the more the better. This is particularly important if you're going to take a HSK exam for the first time. But even if you more or less know the drill from previous exams, you can still be in for a surprise. For example, in the listening part of level 4 the questions are only read once, in contrast to the lower levels.

You can download mock exams from Hanban, or buy extra mock exams. However, pay attention to the fact that even if these mock exams in books are new HSK ones, they may not accurately reflect the real exam situation. By doing mock exams you learn to find your weak points, try different strategies when encounter difficulties and see whether your make progress on your grades.

You get ready? Here we go.

Materials you should take to the exam are fundamental. Your admission form is necessary. What happens when you forget it? Possibly they already have a copy in the exam room, possibly they can print one, but don’t take the risk.

Also, bring the same identification document (passport, driver's license) that is mentioned on the admission form. Sometimes they will check it.

The exam form is not used in the computer exam, unless you want to do the written part (HSK 3 and higher) on paper (that's a choice you can make when you take the computer exam).

If you just use the computer, you can skip the rest of this section.

The exam form has to be filled out using a 2B pencil (2B is quite soft and black). So don't forget to take at least 1 of them. Also take a pencil sharpener. 2B pencils tend to get blunt very fast. Unless you're confident you will make no mistakes in filling out the exam form, take an eraser too.

If you pass the exam, you get a certificate. You can go to the local Confucius institute to get your certificate, but you can also ask them to send it to you.

So preparing well is important for your confidence in exam.

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