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Online Education VS On-campus Education

What exactly is the difference between online and on-campus education? Is online education the same thing as eLearning? Which of the two is better? Is one style of education more effective than the other? While online education is indeed the future of learning, can a computer truly replace a teacher?

Online education will not completely substitute on-campus education. But that is not to say that they are not the same in quality. You won't have the on-campus experience, but that is a small issue when you need to further your education or genuinely desire to learn something new; while at the same time juggling a family, kids and full time employment. Whether you study online or on-campus comes down to you knowing your abilities, learning styles, discipline levels, time schedules and the like. If you have scheduled inflexibility that would keep you from effectively attending a regular course,online classes are extremely effective and the convenience level is unprecedented. So if you are a busy person who truly wants to expand yourself, and needs the flexibility while being willing to do the work it takes to learn, online education can be a tremendous opportunity.

Teaching styles change from time to time depending upon the requirements of a class or degree program, so in some cases, a mixture of both is being adopted by many institutions, corporations and organizations. The main purpose is to deliver the training in the best and the most efficient way. The method of teaching can never become “one size fits all”. To conclude, both are good in their own ways and preference is done on the basis of choice.

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