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New Concept Mandarin Methodology

New Concept Mandarin teaching methodology can be dated back in 1990 when a group of linguistic experts started to apply communicative language teaching to CALL (Computer-Assisted-Language-Teaching) in Griffith University Australia. This approach brought 3 times more learning outcomes than the traditional Mandarin teaching methods. The founder of New Concept Mandarin was one the the linguistic experts and brought this method to teach Practical Chinese to business people both in classroom and online.

From the old Dos based, windows based computer software till the current mobile Apps and Wechat Mini Programs, we have always made the best use of technology to enhance students learning outcomes.

We currently apply a Flipped Learning Approach to teach Chinese both online and in class. This is the combination of our teachers expertise and use of modern technology.  This diagram below shows how it is different from the traditional approach of teaching Chinese.

Watch the video how Professor David Ingram comment on our Mandarin teaching methods.


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