Learning Chinese Character 立 in Solar Terms

The Olympic Winter Games Beijing 2022 opens on February 4th, which is the day of Beginning of Spring. A Chinese lunar year has 24 solar terms. It starts from the Beginning of Spring and ends with the Greater Cold, moving in cycles.

Today I will tell you how to express Beginning of Spring in Chinese.

Learning Chinese Solar Terms

The original meaning of  “立”(Li) is standing, and the character likes a person who is standing.
Li 立 Lì

We use “立”as the beginning of season, not only because it has the meaning of ‘beginning’, but also the character likes germinating seed.

Lichun 立春

Beginning of Spring    立春    lì chūn

And so on...

Beginning of Summer    立夏    li xia

Beginning of Autumn    立秋    li qiu

Beginning of Winter    立冬    li dong

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