Chinese Buzzword: 风口 (fēng kǒu) An area that has huge profit potential

Chinese Buzzword-风口

Chinese Buzzword-风口

Fengkou fēng kǒu 风口

n. wind tunnel; an area or sector where, for a period of time, all investors want to invest in.
Everyone stands a chance to fly when there is favorable wind blowing from behind.


Many attribute the popularity of the word to Xiaomi founder Lei Jun, who famously said that Even a pig can fly if it can find a place in the eye of a storm.

Flying Pig Theory: 站在风口上,猪都能飞起来。

Pinyin: Zhàn zài fēngkǒu shàng zhū dōu néng fēi qǐlái.


Chinese: 生物医药,新能源是最近投资的风口。

Pinyin: Shēngwù yīyào, xīn néngyuán shì zuìjìn tóuzī de fēngkǒu.

English: Bio-medicine and new energy are hot sectors of recent investment trends.

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