Chinese Buzzword: 辣眼睛 (là yǎnjīng) Can not bear to look at

Chinese Buzzword-辣眼睛

Chinese Buzzword-辣眼睛

辣眼睛 original means something irritates your eyes and thus you could not bear seeing it. It is a metaphor. It means some internet pictures or scenes in life that is so disgusting you can’t even look at it directly.

辣là: spicy. 眼睛 yǎnjīng: eyes.


Chinese: 切洋葱辣眼睛

Pinyin: Qiè yángcōng là yǎnjīng

English: Slicing an onion makes the eyes sting.


Chinese: 这表情包可真辣眼睛。

Pinyin: Zhè biǎoqíng bāo kě zhēn là yǎnjīng.

English: This emoji icon pack is really disgusting.

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